Software support

In-house software support, that isn't in-house!

Colyer London CareTime provides you with pre-paid technical support whenever you need it. As CareTime is calculated by the minute, you are only charged for the time that you use.


Only pay for the exact minutes it took to solve the problem.

Great value

No call out cost.

Fair use

No minimum charge, no part hours, just fair charging.

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CareTime can be used for any IT related matter – technical support is probably the most obvious but many customers also use CareTime for installation of equipment or software and general housekeeping.

It gives you the security of software and hardware support either online, by telephone or on-site. It’s like having your own in-house support team but only paying for it when you need it!

  • Only pay for the exact minutes used
  • No call out costs
  • No minimum charge
  • No part hours

Call 020 7833 0888 for info