Colyer CarePlan VIP

CarePlan VIP

This is the Aston Martin of print management and customer care. It’s our top-of-the-range, nothing-is-too-much-trouble care plan specifically designed for our central London customers.

Our CarePlan VIP does everything you’d expect it to do, and a few things you wouldn’t!

Talk or type to us

You can call us or log requests online. Whichever you prefer

Don't panic!

If your printer stops working, you can use ours!

Proactive servicing

We're often there before you even knew you needed us!

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Here are a few of the highlights of our CarePlan VIP:

  • London-based call centre
  • Calls can be logged by phone, online or automated
  • ‘appropriate response times’ means we can prioritise the important jobs over the not-so-important so you get the urgency you need
  • Consumable ordering is fully-automated; we’ll have ordered more before you even realise you’ve run out
  • Cloud-based technology continually monitors your equipment and automatically sends requests to our technicians when an issue arises
  • We can loan you equipment if yours is out of action, or you can print your artwork on our machines straight away. It’s print disaster recovery at its best.




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