JAMF Software

JAMF Pro (formerly Casper Suite)

No platform offers better security or delivers a more satisfying and productive end-user experience than Apple. And no tool helps IT teams manage the Apple platform more easily than the JAMF Pro.

Mac & Mobile

Deploy Mac, iPad, and iPhone quickly. Monitor software licenses and usage, view inventory based on individual users or asset type.

One for all!

Manage choice or BYOD programs, support end users wherever they are, background management, or user-initiated with Self Service.

Centrally controlled

Remotely lock and wipe lost or stolen devices, choose the source and timing of software patches, deploy, configure, and manage your back-up solution.

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If you have a bunch of Mac devices to look after, JAMF Pro (formerly Casper Suite) will give you the gift of time! And in addition to this, many of our customers have saved huge amounts of money by investing in Casper. Talk to us and find out more: 0207 833 088.

JAMF Pro is a comprehensive management system for all Apple devices. With the JAMF Pro for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, your devices receive software updates automatically, updating processes run in the background and all security aspects are effortlessly managed. IT departments have the industry’s single best tool to inventory, image, configure software and apps on every Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV device under their control. Users work with products they prefer and that makes them more productive, IT administrators get their weekends back.

You can deliver an extraordinary Apple experience while meeting all your organisation’s critical security and management requirements.

  • Deploy Mac, iPad, and iPhone fast without ever needing to touch the device
  • Provide access to resources including behind-the-scene software deployment, and on-demand app access via our proprietary Self Service feature
  • Reduce risks and protect resources leveraging the virtually impenetrable native security tools that Apple builds into every device
  • Support every type of user whether BYO, 1:1, in the next room, or across the globe
  • Save the day when life happens using remote lock and wipe, automating patches, and easily managing backup solutions
  • Collect dynamic inventory including monitoring hardware and software distribution by user (versus device), for more productive planning and budgeting
  • Build an enterprise IT ecosystem by maximising third-party tools already being used, or distributing through the cloud via Amazon, Rackspace, or Akamai


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