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Colyer Go Webshop

Colyer Go Webshop

Buy using us for your all your office and graphics supplies, you get to use our amazing web shop which has lots of additional functionality. You can set up specific users, control what they see, save your favourites and set-up bespoke reports.

The ColyerGo web store puts you in control of your purchasing.

Manage your users

Determine spend limits and product lists.

Get real-time data

Check stock levels, see your order history and pricing offers.

Full reporting... product, by user or by department.

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Our amazing webshop (ColyerGo) has an incredible selection of office and graphic supplies. And it’s incredibly easy to use, for you or any other nominated person in your office.  Once you’ve set other people up as ‘users’, you can set budgets (so there are no nasty surprises when it comes to settling the bill) and authorisation limits (so that you can approve orders before they’re submitted).

The site also shows you your special pricing and gives you up to date stock information.  You’d expect to be able save your ‘favourites’ (and you can of course) but you can also determine which items your other users can see when they log on.  Just to make sure they’re always buying the best-value products. It’s also quick and easy to set up individual cost centres and download your own reports so you’re in complete control of your purchasing.



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