Fiery Command WorkStation

Fiery Command Workstation

Productive, powerful, intuitive.

Fiery® Command WorkStation® is the intuitive print job management interface for Fiery systems that allows you to manage all your printers locally or remotely from a single place.

Automated workflows

Drop zones highlight multiple drag-and-drop areas where jobs can be imported.

Flexible previews

Fiery Command WorkStation offers a fully visual interface that makes the user experience more productive.

Fiery ImageViewer

Command WorkStation offers access to Fiery ImageViewer, the state-of-the-art softproofing application.

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Fiery® Command WorkStation®, the print job management interface for Fiery servers, makes printing more productive, powerful and intuitive. It centralises job management, connects to all Fiery servers on the network and improves results for increased productivity. The intuitive interface makes complex jobs simple (regardless of the operator’s experience) while the flexible software adapts to any environment.

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