Phaser 7800

Unmatched colour printing. Industry-leading media flexibility.

Professional colour management technologies. These are the benchmarks of the Phaser 7800 – the only A3 paper size colour printer in its class that delivers the full complement of advanced capabilities today’s most graphic-intensive environments require. Now any business that produces large volumes of high- resolution output, such as advertising agencies, graphic design shops, marketing communications firms, photography studios, medical imaging specialists and countless others, can keep more of their business-critical print jobs in-house thanks to the Phaser 7800 colour printer’s unbeatable state-of-the-art technologies.

Best Features

Best for large workgroups in graphic-intensive environments with print speeds of up to 45 ppm

Ease of Use

Advanced ease-of-use features unparalleled media flexibility and finishing capabilities

Colour Systems

Using True 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution for professional colour management technologies

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Print shop-quality colour, without the print shop

If your work demands the best-possible colour print quality, the Phaser 7800 colour printer is the obvious choice. With the winning combination of consistently superior image quality and professional-level colour-matching technologies, no other A3 paper size colour printer gives creative professionals the freedom to produce more customer-facing collaterals in-house.

  • True 1200 x 2400 dpi. The Phaser 7800 colour printer delivers a high print resolution that consistently produces realistic images, photos and graphics, plus sharp text and fine- line detail.
  • The colours you expect, with reliable accuracy. PANTONE® calibrated solid-colour simulations and Xerox colour correction technology deliver results that always match your expectations, while true Adobe® PostScript® 3TM ensures accuracy you can count on.
  • Seeing is believing. Impress your clients and potential customers with output that, until now, could only be achieved by outsourcing your work to a professional print shop. The Phaser 7800 produces glossy, vivid colours; rich, deep blacks; and the smoothest colour transitions – no streaking, banding or striping.
  • Easy viewing. Stunning colour quality means very little if your audience can’t easily understand your messaging. Advanced trapping technology ensures clean edges and prevents gaps between adjacent colours. Plus, black text on coloured backgrounds and coloured text on black backgrounds always prints sharp and clear.
  • Advanced print head technology. The Phaser 7800 colour printer features the Xerox Hi-Q LED print head, which provides better dot-to-dot intensity and timing control, and produces precise colour registration.

Media mastery

For designers, photographers, and creative professionals from every industry:

Now there’s virtually no limit to the types of printed materials you can create thanks to the Phaser 7800 colour printer’s incredible media handling capabilities. From customer-ready brochures and sales proposals, to posters, banners, booklets and business cards, no other device in its class prints such amazing colour quality on the widest range of media weights and sizes. Take advantage of weights from 75 to 350 gsm, and sizes from 88 x 99 mm to 320 x 1,219 mm, and let your creative inspiration take over.

The peak of productivity

Engineered for fast-paced environments with the most demanding expectations, the Phaser 7800 colour printer delivers clearly superior colour quality without sacrificing exceptional speed or reliability. Now any business or organisation that depends on colour – whether selling their products, winning new business or sharing creative concepts – can produce the most impressive, customer-ready collaterals as fast as they need them.

Fast printing. The Phaser 7800 helps you beat your deadlines, delivering both black and white and colour output at a speed of up to 45 ppm.

A true powerhouse. With a 1.33 GHz processor, 2 GB of memory and a standard 160 GB hard drive, the Phaser 7800 is designed to handle a steady flow of high- resolution print jobs loaded with colourful images and graphics.

Standard duplexing. Automatic two-sided printing comes standard, providing more flexibility and helping reduce paper consumption. Plus, the Phaser 7800 printer’s duplex speed is just as fast as single-side printing, so there’s no sacrificing efficiency for conservation. And with the optional Extra Heavy Duty Media Kit you can print two-sided output on standard and custom- size media in weights up to 300 gsm. No other printer in its class handles such a wide variety of heavy stock*.

Long-term durability. With a duty cycle of up to 225,000 pages per month, we built the Phaser 7800 colour printer to withstand constant use and perform at its best for years to come.

Total peace of mind. In the unlikely event that a problem does occur, your Phaser 7800 is covered by a one-year onsite warranty.

Emphasis on easy

Designed to handle a wide variety of complex colour print jobs, there’s nothing complex about the Phaser 7800 colour printer’s usability. With superior printer management capabilities and innovative, helpful technologies, even those with no experience using advanced colour printers will quickly become comfortable with the wealth of useful features offered by the Phaser 7800.

Advanced touch screen interface. The Phaser 7800 features a state-of-the-art 109 mm, colour touch-screen interface. Its big, bright icons and intuitive menus make walk-up operation faster and easier than ever.

Help where you need it. The Phaser 7800 features embedded help videos for quick, easy, step-by-step troubleshooting assistance right on the colour touch screen.

Effortless printer management. CentreWare® Internet Services embedded web server helps you save valuable time by simplifying configuration cloning and automatic installation of additional Phaser 7800 colour printers. You can also view job status and troubleshoot right from your web browser.

Fewer interventions. Long-life, user- replaceable items, such as the imaging unit and fuser, are easy to access and replace. Plus, they’re engineered for maximum longevity so you’ll stay more productive, longer.

Easy, front access. The Phaser 7800 was designed for total convenience. There’s no need to rotate or move the printer to perform routine maintenance like changing toner and adding paper.

Bidirectional communication. The Phaser 7800 sends print-job updates, along with toner and paper supply levels, to your desktop or even over the web. Pop-up alerts immediately notify you of any print problems – and how to fix them.

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