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Colour-controlled printing

Xerox printers deliver a very good colour result, but we know that your customers are demanding more and more. Printstorm is a way of unlocking additional colour technology and capability from your existing machines.

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Cross-platform for server and client ensures the end result matches what you see on screen.

Latest technology

Printstorm is linked with Adobe so it is always up-to-date.

Have it your way!

The modular system means you only pay for the bits you need.

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Printstorm is a single, simple server-based solution that allows you to print to a single standard across all printers; you don’t need to adjust artwork, it can run on Windows or Macs, it’s linked to Adobe and is future-proof so no licensing or subscription needed.

With Printstorm  the benefits of colour-controlled printing are plenty; consistency, predictability, substantial cost savings instead of excessive proofing and wasted prints. Many of your laser proofs will be printed on a Litho press,  so why not get an accurate idea how it will look in the end, at the start?

PrintStorm is a fusion of a proofing system, print engine and industry print standards. Colyer London have brought together off-the-shelf, best-of-breed products from EFI, Canon, Xerox and Epson – acknowledged leaders in their respective fields – and combined their products into a single solution.

Printstorm helps with colour management. The problem with a laser print is you’ve got nothing to reference them against. You can’t trust the colour, unless you order a contract proof. When you hold this up against your laser print, it’s like chalk and cheese.

Imagine if your client has been relying on your laser prints as a reference! How do you fix the problem? Dim the lights and install expensive monitors? Apply a lot of disclaimer stickers?

What if you could print to a standard on laser? What if you could produce accurate proofs instantly and inexpensively? What if you could do it all the time?

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