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Everyone knows that an efficient server set-up is a fundamental part of any successful business.

With our range of bespoke storage and backup solutions, you have everything you need to keep your systems and data safe, and working efficiently.


Everyone has different server and storage requirements. We specialise in custom solutions for creative agencies.

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We know your data is precious so we have robust systems in place to take care of it. You can absolutely rely on us.

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Our expert team are some of the most experienced technicians in their field. You're in very safe hands.

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A file server is where your teams should keep all of their files. If everyone’s files are in the same place, they can be easily backed up and, to avoid duplication and confusion, the most current version of any file is there when you need it.

When data is a crucial part of the business and downtime is not an option (which, let’s face it, is the case with most businesses), we install dormant servers.  These mirror the live servers and seamlessly takeover,  should one of the live servers fail. Colyer London has extensive experience in setting up and deploying servers.

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