Colour C60 /C70

Xerox Colour C60 /C70 Range

These printers really are top-dog when it comes to beautiful results.

Your graphics, creative and production teams will be delighted by the professional image quality, and the ability to keep high-end colour printing in-house.


Up to 70 ppm colour and 75 ppm b&w (C70). Up to 60 ppm colour, 65 ppm b&w (C60)


Outstanding image quality with 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution and EA low melt toner for a smooth, offset-like finish


A truly professional multifunctional printer; print, copy, fax and scan (to PC, USB or email) and mobile printing. What more could you need?!

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The Xerox Colour C60 / C70  printer is an all-in-one solution; it prints (from computer or smart phone or USB), it copies, it scans and, for the more old-school amongst us, it can fax too. It also prints up to SRA3+.

With this machine you get vibrant colour and incredible detail. With its 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution, your output will always exceed your (and your customers’) expectations. Xerox® Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Low Melt Toner technology is chemically grown, so the small, consistent particles produce great quality with smooth transitions and an offset-like finish. Custom paper setup lets you create, store, and retrieve unique paper profiles that can be used whenever you need them.

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