Colour J75 Press

Growing your business is challenging...

...but let’s talk about what could make it easier.

The Colour J75 makes delivering what your customers’ want much easier. If your business is ready for growth, if your customers are demanding more, then this is the printer you need.


Get the most out of this machine with its flexible and user-friendly interface

Simple calibration

Inline spectrophotometer to ensure automatic colour accuracy.

Remote monitoring

Keep an eye on consumable levels and potential maintenance issues.

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The Xerox® Colour J75 Press  automates great colour. It runs heavyweight stocks at full rated speed. It provides scalable feeding and finishing solutions that produce a range of high-value applications. And it offers workflow power and flexibility so it all integrates with your offset business and complements your existing workflow.

Answering some critical questions. 

Are you looking to run more high-value applications – the kind that generate the return on investment that both you and your customers demand? Are they asking for faster turnaround times? Are you migrating from simple colour customer requests to the more complex jobs where colour matching is critical? From existing applications to digital?

Normally, none of that adds up. It used to be that you had to tell your customers they could have it fast, or have good quality, or a competitive price. Maybe they could pick two. But three?
Not a chance.

Now there is an answer to those questions. It’s your answer to a more productive printing solution and a stronger business. It’s the Xerox® Colour J75 Press.

More – uptime, productivity, options and opportunity.

So why buy the Xerox® Colour J75 Press? Because it offers you – and your customers – more. More of the types of jobs that are more in demand. More stocks that run at rated speed and that become the finished applications that bring a premium price. More productivity and reliability that add up to more profit. And more opportunity as you become the go-to partner for a wider variety of customers.

The centrepiece of a more flexible solution.

The Xerox® Colour J75 Press is the centre of a complete digital printing solution designed at every turn to make you more productive and profitable. The J75 solution integrates everything you need to get started – and thrive – in the digital print marketplace.

Unique media that expand your capabilities. Workflow solutions that streamline your processes. And Business Development Services that help you find opportunity and build a stronger business.

Easy to get started. Quick to master.

One of the most powerful features is its ease-of-use so that every operator can quickly get the most out of its tremendous capabilities. The result is that you can spend time on more activities that build your business.

The Xerox® Colour J75 Press has been designed with flexibility in mind – balancing the right solution to enter the world of digital or expand your customer base, remarkable power and walk-up ease, and resources to grow your business and the low costs to stay competitive.

Colour that’s automatically better.  

How good is your colour management? And how important is it to your growing business? When you need to match corporate colours and industry colour standards, automated colour management is a game-changing capability.

At the heart of the Xerox® Colour J75 Press is the inline spectrophotometer. It’s truly the nerve centre of the Xerox®
Colour J75 Press, providing the power of our Automated Colour Quality Suite (ACQS) colour management tools to improve colour stability, accuracy and repeatability. And with the spectrophotometer placed strategically within the paper path, automated processes like colour calibration and destination profiling are automatically streamlining workflow, boosting your productivity – and improving your bottom line.

Automated calibration for consistently outstanding colour.

The ACQS inline spectrophotometer automates a critical element of colour management – press calibration. It can be set to run automatically on a schedule, eliminating the problem of busy operators forgetting to calibrate – totally “hands free.” It makes it easy to be consistent across multiple shifts and operators – no more guessing.

Automated calibration:

  • Eliminates mistakes due to human error or misfeeds when calibrating by hand – or not at all. There is no separate feeding of calibration charts.
  • Reduces non-productive printer time and facilitates job turnaround. Can be scheduled to run automatically at the next job boundary after so many elapsed hours or printed pages.
  • Reduces colour variation because operators forget to calibrate or calibrate off schedule due to workload. (FreeFlow® Print Server only.)
  • Performs automatic white balance calibration (of the spectrophotometer) to ensure that the sensor always returns accurate results.

Advanced Destination Profiling for improved colour accuracy.

Advanced Destination Profiling creates a superior, custom ICC- compliant Destination Profile for colour critical applications,
such as photos and direct mail that require a high degree of colour accuracy and detail as well as a pleasing appearance – all at the touch of a button.

Advanced Destination Profiling:

  • The proofing and approval process has never been easier. Colour match the designer’s intent, usually on the first try.
  • Yields improved colour consistency between machines and over time on one machine.
  • Provides outstanding colour accuracy to industry colour standards such as GRACoL® and ISO.
  • Results in better neutrals, shadow and highlight detail, and photo rendering.

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