Xerox iGen

Xerox iGen 4 printer

Xerox iGen

The wide format printer market is growing because customers want to make a big impression, and they want it fast.

Now there's a sweet spot where quality and quantity meet, where big and fast are no longer a problem.

Image quality

What difference does outstanding image quality make to your business? All the difference in the world.


Tasks that used to take the attention and time of a dedicated press operator now happen with the push of a button.


Productivity comes when you mix more uptime and output with less time and effort.

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To satisfy your customers? To increase your relevance? To build your business?

Your business, indeed every business, is looking for the answers. Find them and the regular rules of business are changed forever. Customers become partners. Requests for Quote become someone else’s headache. Questions of how low you can go on price are replaced with discussions of how you can help make their business stronger. And the idea of outsourcing to cut costs becomes irrelevant as you become irreplaceable.
Impossible? Something promised and never delivered?
Not with the Xerox® iGen4TM Press. iGen4 brings powerful benefits to your business—image quality, automation and productivity. Through these, we can help you expand product offerings, create stronger relationships and achieve levels of success that weren’t possible even a short time ago.

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