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Xerox wide format

Wide Format IJP 2000

This is where quality and quantity meet!

The IJP200 enables you to deliver amazing results for your customers faster than ever before. Large, wide-format printing isn’t new. But this is super-fast large, wide-format printing.

Incredible quantity!

Up to 420 square metres per hour

Incredible quality!

1600dpi x 1600dpi


Minimum size: 11” x 8.2” Maximum size: 42” wide x 30m Built-in cutter

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Get big. Fast.

Now there’s a solution where quality and quantity meet – where big and fast are no longer a problem. We call it the Xerox Wide Format IJP 2000. This printer meets the market’s demand for quick turnaround of high-quality wide format applications of all kinds. It meets your need to keep jobs in-house, profitability intact, and customers happy.

We all know there used to be trade-offs. Large format jobs with moderate to large runs – especially with last-minute delivery dates – didn’t fit easily into your workflow.

Now there’s opportunity. The Xerox Large Format IJP 2000 lets you move more jobs through your production line and get them into the hands of satisfied customers faster. It also lets you reduce touch points, driving greater efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Make the most of every production minute.

Part of the challenge of wide format jobs is that they can create a significant speed bump in your work process – and your profitability. That’s why we’ve designed virtually uninterrupted operation right into this printer. High capacity ink tanks keep you up and running longer. A four-roll, online, capacity gives you up to 600 metres of media on rolls up to 1,067 mm wide – papers, vinyl, fabrics, or films. A production- capacity stacker keeps printed sheets organised.

Think fast. Now even faster.

Unlike other inkjet printers that need a moving print head, the Xerox Large Format IJP 2000 has five print heads arranged in a fixed formation across the width of the media. They simultaneously jet four inks – CMYK – in very small 1.3 pl drops that create smooth, vibrant images in a single pass.

That’s a big deal for your customers who need attention-drawing quality with fine details, smooth lines and bold colours.

It’s an even bigger deal when you consider the speed improvement this single-pass printing provides – with printing speeds of up to 420 square metres per hour, a job that used to take up to 5 hours on multi-pass inkjet printers can now be completed in just 5 minutes… and posters can be printed in under 5 seconds!

Keep your wide format workflow flowing.

With the processing power to handle the most complex of jobs, the Caldera GrandRIP+ keeps your printer running at its full rated speed.

Easily create repeatable workflows and settings, and manage your print jobs with an intuitive interface, that lets you drag and drop files to the printer. Powerful composition and colour management features help ensure that you aren’t trading productivity for quality. You not only deliver fast – you deliver right.

Make an even bigger impression with easily targeted marketing.

Sure, wide format jobs make a big impression. But what happens when you can add images and messages targeted to specific retail, event, regional or demographic needs? All of a sudden, a run of 200 prints becomes a run of 200 individualised sales opportunities for your customer.

This type of variable data printing can deliver a real impact on the market – and on your bottom line. It’s a power that isn’t possible with offset. But with the IJP 2000 and Xerox FreeFlow® VI Design Express software it’s easy – to include customised and relevant messages, to satisfy more customers, to increase the value of each job, and to increase profit.


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