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As a business operating on London’s streets, with employees and families all breathing the same air, we are increasingly concerned by the dangers faced daily from high levels of air pollution.

Air Quality in London: Not wanting to join the increasing numbers of Londoners suffering from pollution-induced illness, we’re tackling the issue with our head, heart, and lungs. Traditional-engined cars spew out nasty ‘oxides, alongside fire soot, brake wear, and even road surface erosion. They get trapped in the air and sucked down into our lungs. Anything over 100 in the Air Quality Index (AQI) is above the recommended which is negative.

What makes it worse?

High buildings, narrow streets, congested traffic and a dose of still weather all combine to create dangerous levels of these particles in the air we breathe. Sound like anywhere you know? When it comes to pollution, wind and rain are our friends – lucky we live in good old England then! Not surprisingly, our central London based stomping ground is under fire for being a hot spot. Anywhere you have heavy traffic, narrow roads and tall buildings, you’re likely to see increased pollution.

What is the Government doing? Sadiq Khan himself has a goal of making London carbon zero by 2050

The Government has just released its new proposal for Cleaner Air. Love it or hate it, the proposals can only help. These include:

  • “Cash for Scrap” – a cash incentive to switch to newer, less polluting cars;
  • Emissions surcharge (tax) for older, polluting cars;
  • Cleaner buses on the busiest routes; and
  • 11 Million pounds of investment.

What can I do? It’s simple. Everyone can help; from individuals to small business to major corporations. Ditch the car, hop on a bus, or jump on a bike. Work from home one day a week. Plant trees. Go electric.

What are we doing? At Colyer London, we believe you are what you breathe.
That’s why we updated our delivery fleet to zero-emission electric vans in 2016. Since the introduction of these vans, we have prevented the release of 3.9 metric tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere; this is equivalent to the amount of air cleaned by 102 tree seedlings over ten years. We also manage our deliveries to ensure a minimum amount of time spent on the road, all while maintaining our speedy,same-day delivery service. We are also very conscious about the amount of waste we produce and have taken significant steps to reduce this. We now recycle 67% of our waste which results in not releasing 11 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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