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Equitrac follow you printing: The Intelligent Way to Print

Change in business is constant and creates challenges when deploying print. What makes it challenging is that when users want to print, they expect to be able to. Users don’t think about what print server or network they are connected to. They don’t think about what print drivers they have downloaded. And they certainly don’t think to check whether a printer is online and ready to print. Therefore they just want to hit print and be done.

  • Control – Ensure that printing is done responsibly, securely and within policy.
  • Convenience –Provide access to users whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Choice – Deploy the infrastructure IT wants and help users print only what they need.

Reduce the cost of Printing: Control, convenience and choice all support the big “C” – cost savings. 

  • Identify savings opportunities from reduced print volumes
  • Perform accurate cost allocation and accounting
  • Eliminate print server and print driver costs
  • Encourage users to print more responsibly

The Equitrac Print Management Difference

Equitrac follow you printing provides maximum flexibility to deploy print in the way that best supports your business. Print servers can be a barrier to adapting to change, particularly when dealing with multiple offices and mobile workers, mixed printer fleets and an overburdened IT staff. Therefore theses lead to common print challenges like selecting the right printer, maintaining print drivers, dealing with mixed hardware fleets, and tracking users in different locations.

I-Queue, part of Equitrac print management software, removes these barriers by removing the dependencies that cause IT complexity and user dissatisfaction – print servers, drivers and queues – and significantly drives down costs by eliminating print servers and reducing network traffic. I-Queue lets users “just hit print”. However with Hybrid Print ControlTM, only Equitrac enables you to deploy server-based printing, I-Queue or a combination of the two in a single, centralized print management solution.

  • Hybrid Print Control – Use print servers, I-Queue or a hybrid model with complete control.
  • Complete Accountability – Track every detail of every print job to account for every penny.
  • Stop All Non-essential Printing – Save more money by printing smarter and printing less with integrated scanning software.
  • Make Every Printer Personal –Flexible authentication options for every printing device makes printing feel personal.




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