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CarePlan Bespoke adds a personal service by you having your own dedicated support contract with unlimited support callouts.

Casper Server

You will own your own Casper Server, which we will fully configure and maintain, that is optimised for your business needs. The Casper Server will include full workstation builds with unlimited applications which will enable the building of new workstations in no time at all so that your staff can get on with producing work almost immediately.

We will package and maintain the current Mac OS and the 2 previous, just in case you need to roll back to a previous system quickly without affecting productivity.

Careplan Bespoke includes:

  • Directory integration – We will integrate with and maintain your directory services to minimize user log on’s but maintain security over all devices.
  • Settings management personalised by user type – We can design and maintain custom settings for specific user types. Whether just customized docks or very intricate workflows our expert engineers will improve your user’s experience and increase productivity.
  • Enhanced Security – From deploying Remote Lock & Wipe and Disk Encryption to managing your Firewalls, we will minimize your risk against security breaches such as data loss or cyber attack.
  • App Store Deployment (Under VPP) – One of the great benefits of using the Casper Suite to help us manage your infrastructure is that this gives us unique seamless tools to deploy apps from the ever more popular Apple APP Store. By acquiring your apps under a VPP agreement we can instantly deploy thousands of apps at the touch of a button.
  • Apple Refresh Policy – Throughout the contract period we will help you plan to replace your old mature devices that are getting long in the tooth and approaching retirement. By planning a controlled refresh policy with you we will minimize downtime and lost productivity whilst maximizing user experience.
  • Non-Mac IT Support – We don’t only work our magic on macs, our engineers can cast a spell on other platforms too. On-premises or hosted, we can help you keep your business performing.



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