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The success of in-house colour

An independent integrated agency was losing time and money by using old, poorly serviced copiers. Their client services team were dealing with unreliable, lacklustre printing – it got so bad they would outsource any client-facing print! Not only that, but they were also dealing with constant paper-jams & print wastage.

Printing costs were at an all-time high while efficient time management was at an all-time low.

Nostalgic? Not us

We recycled all the legacy printers (according to WEEE regulations, of course), and replaced them with 3 Xerox C60’s with external RIPs. Colour is now exact and printing is consistent across the agency.

Client printing? It’s a doddle

Users can now print to the quality, reliability & consistency they could never obtain before. Client teams no longer have to have input from the Creative teams to print – and they don’t need to plan 3 days ahead as it’s all done in-house and there is no need to outsource.

Lower costs, happier agency

By removing the owned machines, and with our VIP service plan in place, we provide proactive support at a substantial reduction to the overall cost of service and supplies.

The IT Director says:

“With a holistic analysis of our printing set-up, followed up with some excellent recommendations that offered faster, higher quality output, greatly improved reliability and a substantially lower cost of ownership, we are thrilled with our investment and our new service provider.”

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