Your partner for redefining printing, I.T. & software solutions in a post pandemic world.

We are a team of experts with high technical knowledge about Workflows, printers and IT Support for mac digital infrastructures.

In March 2020 COVID 19 we had to rewrite the rulebook and help our customers invent a new way of working.

Welcome to Colyer London

Our Mission is to provide solutions to creative and guide professional workers through ethically thought out products and services; from comprehensive office and studio supplies, colour accurate printing machinery, to Apple Mac IT hardware & software support. Everything you need in your work environment.

Xerox Printers

Colyer London is an official XEROX authorised document technology partner & service provide.


Everything for design and creative experts to business users and IT professionals.

Cloud Storage

Cloud protection including safe user authentication, scheduled backups, off-site storage and page replication.

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  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Security
  • Hardware

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  • Management
  • Security
  • Backup
  • Creative
  • Document

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  • Workspace
  • Workflow
  • Server

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  • Home Office
  • Agile Working

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  • Inks
  • Toners
  • Papers
  • Graphics
  • Stationery

Xerox Printers

19th March 2021

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