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COLYER Care Safe is a very simple service that just makes sense! By using intelligent software, we keep a copy of all your important data on a server in our premises, so it’s instantly available should you ever need it, bringing you absolute peace of mind.


It’s very easy to forget how important business data is until something goes wrong! There are numerous unexpected circumstances that could affect the accessibility of your data. This could be something as serious as a fire, or a power supply issue or inadequate back-up systems. Whatever the reason, you can relax knowing we have a copy of your data, ready and fully accessible whenever you need it.


Depending on the level of security and portability of data you need in intelligent software, we can either store everything on your own dedicated hardware, or allocate you a secure area on one of our storage areas. We will then set up secure remote access to your data or deliver it to another location, enabling you to carry on running your business.



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