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Care Time gives you access to our highly trained support team and provides you with pre-paid technical support when you need it. As Care Time is calculated by the minute, you are only charged for exactly what you need. This is pay-as-you-go support. It’s charged by the minute with an 8-hour service level agreement. It is sold in advance, in blocks of 5 hours and gives you the security of knowing that you have software and hardware support (either on the phone or on-site).

How can Care Time help you?

Care Time can be used for any IT problem or issue. On-going technical support is the most common need, but many of our customers also use Care Time for installation and deployment of equipment, software, and general housekeeping and maintenance. Care Time can also be used in conjunction with Care Plan, to ensure that you’re covered for absolutely everything, including all the additional tasks that appear when you least expect them. As everything is agreed up-front, your support from our highly skilled team can start immediately, without having to waste valuable time on admin.

Fair Care:

You only pay for the time you absolutely need. Available from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday (extended hours are available upon request). Our advanced Help Desk system tracks your Care Time consumption, enabling you to see your technical support history and check the progress of current work.

On-site support:

Many issues are solved remotely or over the phone, though some of the more complex issues may require an engineer work on-site. When an engineer visits, you only pay for the exact time spent on-site.

Auto Top-Up:

This feature of Care Time ensures you’re never left without support. Your account is automatically topped up by direct debit when your balance drops below a certain limit (previously agreed with you of course). You’ll be notified when your Care Time balance has been topped up so that you’re in control at all times.


Care Time can be used for our range of specialist colour services; the calibration of your colour machines by one of our specialist colour analysts, for example. This is useful when your machine has been serviced and the colour has been affected. Therefore this will get your printers back under control with beautiful, accurate and consistent colour.

Priority response:

Priority response is your reassurance that all your software issues will be resolved in the shortest possible time. In an emergency situation you can instantly go to the front and be first in line by using double minutes. There is no extra call out charges and no need to raise urgent purchase orders.



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