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CarePlan+ adds additional professional functionality to a standard CarePlan contract. CarePlan+ is perfect for the most demanding high-performance workflows. Talk to us if you think this could benefit your business.

Jamf Distribution Server

One of the requirements for CarePlan+ is to provide a resource to install a JDS, to enable installation images to be stored locally for easy distribution. There are several benefits to this: a faster fix-time, quicker delivery of new applications and speedier deployment of new workstations.

Quarterly patching

Working with the JDS, we support the latest OS patch management for the current OS, and up to two previous versions. Apple frequently releases patches and security updates to fix performance issues and potential security breaches.

In addition to this, software manufacturers regularly release incremental upgrades. To ensure you’re always completely up to date and protected, we’ll install all paid-for application patches and up to six free apps. Patches need to be tested before rolling out to make sure that they don’t have any unexpected glitches that may affect productivity. We’ll take care of this too.


By deploying a local JDS, we will configure the Casper Self-Service feature to give your users the ability to install applications and everyday utilities (such as re-installing printer drivers) themselves. This simple but effective feature automates everyday repetitive tasks and allows users to support themselves, saving you time and money.



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