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Don’t be lazy… focus on sustainability

It needs to be said, “Global warming is intensifying natural disasters”

A recent study by NASA revealed that 2019 is now the second hottest year on record, barely edging out 2016. Just 3 years apart, these results will continue over the next few years if we do not take action. We are urging businesses to become more sustainable, in hopes of inspiring all business partners around the globe to do the same.

Did you know that every time you use our services, you help reduce your carbon footprint in London?

We want our community to breathe in clean air. To this day, we are doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment and be part of the solution for a cleaner city.

We help businesses through our eco-friendly services:

  • FSC recycled printer paper to help plant more trees
  • Deliver your products using our zero-emission electric vans
  • Recycle consumables; toners, batteries and ink cartridges
  • Media recycling: Providing you eco-friendly office supplies


Xerox has launched the Primelink C9065 / C9070, a new entry-level production printer series, the successors of the existing C60 and C70 models.

The new printer includes a 10inch touchscreen, cloud and productivity apps that automate tasks, making it easy to access general functions. Designed for both production and high-volume office environments, with the ability of 270 ppm scanning, up to 70 ppm printing, 2400 dpi colour image quality and outstanding fine-line details, powerful images, colour accuracy and transitions. For production environments the PrimeLink printer offers heavyweight media and extra-long sheet (XLS) capabilities, supporting materials up to 660mm long. It also features high-capacity feeding, stacking, punching, two-sided and square trimming and booklet, tri-fold and up to five creases for Z-folding. The machines, which can handle stock weighing up to 350gsm, are equipped with the “Simple Image Quality Adjustment“ (SIQA) tool and a choice of EFI servers.


For every purchase you make, we donate!

Give something back as you spend on your printer

At the end of February, we will be donating to the Australian Red Cross, focusing to aid those affected from the Australian Bushfires. Recent devastation that has caused an estimated 1.25 billion native animal deaths, 3000 homes have been destroyed, and over 17 million acres of land have burnt. But experts say that the changing climate is key to understanding the ferocity of this year’s blazes – hotter, drier conditions are making the country’s fire season longer and much more dangerous.

To all of our customers with a Colyer VIP XEROX service contract, we will be donating £1 for every £100 you spend on your printing in February.

Our Electric Vans is a win-win for Londoners

Zero-emission deliveries to your office:

In London pollution alone, there are an estimated 40,000 deaths per year attributed to disease brought on by pollution. Our roads are clogged with cars, not all well-maintained, delivery vans idling between jobs (not ours!) and the rise of home grocery and package deliveries are only going up. Vans are the fastest growing traffic segment in the UK with 70% growth in the last 20 years (RAC Foundation). According to the inrx traffic scorecard report, London pollution has been recorded as the second-worst city in Europe for traffic congestion. (Out of 748 cities in Europe!) We save a whopping 639g of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere with each mile spent behind the wheel. We ensure that our deliveries are grouped together by postcode with the simple aim of optimising time on the road. The sooner our drivers get back, the sooner they can get to the next delivery… yours.

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Thuy has 3 years of experience in digital marketing and graphic design. She joined Colyer London with incredible skills to help reach our customers about our sustainable services in the technology world. Thuy enjoys digital drawing and playing piano during her spare time.

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