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A huge thank you to all our Colyer VIP partners

We are proud to say that our Colyer VIP partners have helped raised AUS $766.00 to donate to the Australian Red Cross charity. For every £100 they have spent on their printing, Colyer has donated £1. Australia is still battling bushfires during the devastating fire season, amazing British firefighters and many others have volunteered to assist clean-ups. The Steve Irwin family zoo has helped cared for any injured animals and sheltered those in need for free. The Australian Zoo will take care of possums, platypuses, flying foxes and bats, Terri Irwin said koalas make a fatal mistake by instinctively climbing trees, The eucalyptus trees’ leaves have so much oil that koalas can ignite and explode. First heavy-rain fall in 30 years help take out some fires but causes mass flooding in some parts of Australia.


Scalable and powerful for mission-critical activities, Xerox ConnectKey Technology-powered AltaLink MFPs are designed for demanding users with large volumes, high-security standards, and advanced finishing requirements.

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Xerox AltaLink devices provide new levels of capability and connectivity for mid-size, large workgroups and busy offices. The XEROX AltaLink Printer devices provide new levels of capability and connectivity for mid-size, large workgroups and busy offices. With AltaLink, your extended workforce has instant and secure access to the documents, data and workflows it needs to work faster and more efficiently–from every location and with any device. You’ve never seen a multifunction printer like this before. From its tablet-like user interface to its right-out-of-the-box mobile-friendly connectivity options, the XEROX AltaLink Printer C8000 Series is the colour multifunction device today’s workers have been waiting for… read more.

Every print is one step closer to reforestation

Give something back as you spend on your printing

Colyer London has now partnered with Print Releaf, an efficient way to help our partners to become more sustainable. It’s not just all about telling others that you’re FSC verified anymore, it’s about taking action in your office with the team. Every small contribution counts! PrintReleaf enables automatic reforestation through printing. 8,555 prints = 1 tree so the more you print, the more PrintReleaf plants a tree in forests around the Globe. Choose from Ireland, Madagascar, Brazil, India, USA, Dominican Republic, or Mexico. We will be sending all of our VIP members an invite to join our eco-friendly community, print smarter with Colyer London.

ECO ECO sustainable products

Zero-emission deliveries to your office:

There is a global push to ‘Go Green’ as we all try and do our bit to conserve our beautiful planet for generations to come. If you are looking for eco-friendly office supplies and stationery then we have a great brand to introduce to you. Eco eco was founded in 2014 and are leading the way in green stationery. We ensure that when you purchase a green product, you will be paying for a product that has been responsibly and ecologically sourced whilst managing to retain the affordability.

A brand New showroom opening soon

At Colyer London, we believe that our clients should experience powerful machinery right before their eyes. Smart technology is rapidly improving to help businesses become more efficient in their workplace. We are now in the process of refurbishing a new showroom with the latest XEROX equipment. We will be inviting everyone to the grand opening event once the showroom is fully completed. Experience XEROX machinery in London, like never before.

Meet Ben, Business Account Manager

Ben joined Colyer London as our Business Account Manager with diverse work experience.

Whilst travelling and working in different cities around the globe, he spent a year in Australia working in the print industry, and volunteering in cleaning and collecting plastic from the array of beaches for Beach Patrol Melbourne. Ben has advanced technical knowledge about copiers and printers, showing businesses what smart features for printers can do to enhance work productivity, ensure colour critical outcomes, and help companies reduce cost and waste. He is passionate about how Colyer London works with sustainability, it motivates him to show our clients that we help businesses become more efficient and greener. Ben’s hobbies include playing football aiming to win the league and watch Arsenal play. Despite him being an Arsenal fan, he’s great!

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