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“Follow Me” printing is when a print management software takes care to track usage and allocate costs, you can be sure that people are complying with policies such as printing double-sided whenever is possible, they also provide additional print functionality such us “follow me” printing (collect from any device) and secure print release (only print when the user is present to collect the output). Equitrac and Papercut are both global output management software solutions that provide document cost management (auditing, allocation, recovery) for printers, copiers and multifunction devices.


Users submit their documents for print from any device


Print jobs are held securely until users are ready to print/collect


Users authenticate at any Follow Me enabled printer to release their print jobs


When it comes to control, convenience and choice, there is no equal. Equitrac intelligent print management software makes printing work the way you want it to: Simply, securely and with maximum savings at every step. One click for any print job from any desktop or mobile device and any printer.

No worries about print servers, compatible print drivers or whether the printer is ready. Complete accountability to better control costs and security. All to reduce the burden on IT—and corporate budgets. And all of which makes Equitrac the world’s most popular print management solution for small and large organizations.

Nuance’s Equitrac Office provides a single queue with delivery to any printer on the network, print rules to reduce waste and cost (for example, by denying users access to colour printing if their jobs don’t require it, or by sending jobs to the most cost-effective printer), secure print release, automatic reporting, and more.


Become the all-knowing, cost-cutting, print-taming, environment-saving, digital-transforming, security-enforcing champion of print management. Instantly see who is printing, what they are printing, when they printed and on which device.

Create intelligent rules to limit user behavior and enforce sensible printing policies. Allow your staff to print with the freedom and simplicity the devices they’re using were meant for with Mobility Print, Web Print, Email to Print, Google Cloud Print and iOS Printing.

Protect sensitive documents with Find-Me printing. Users print once to a global virtual queue and release securely while at the device. Implement a pay-per-use model to recoup printing costs. Get further control by allocating print quotas to users, departments or clients. They can track their print balances, and once the quota is gone, it’s gone!

Encourage responsible printing by sharing the environmental impact with users. Associate Scan Actions to users for scanning documents to authorized email, folder, and cloud destinations to enable business automation processes.