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Graphic Materials

Colyer was the original supplier of Graphic Materials to the Creative Industry. We helped all the top brands of today with their supply needs when they started up in the late 1960s and early ’70s and we continue to supply most of them today.

Graphic Supplies are specialist products and Colyer has years of experience, we will give you the best advice because of our heritage. Colyer London holds an extensive stock of Graphic Materials in our 22,000 sq ft warehouse that is situated inside the congestion charge zone. This means that not only is it most likely that we will have the creative item that you require in stock, but you will receive the item within a couple of hours. We have our won fleet of environmentally considerate delivery vehicles; we have no minimum order and deliver free of charge in the centre of London.


  • Idea Generation
  • The cutting room
  • Presentations
  • Technical
  • Artistic

Idea Generation

The concept is the key to the design process; it is the difference in winning and losing a pitch. At Colyer, we understand that. We know that you need the best quality product, the correct product and that you need it now. Our extensive range of conceptual products will bring out the creative genius in you.

Colyer Pads – Different papers

Many of the leading Designers have used Colyer pads for as long as they can remember. Our Superior Layout pad consists of the best quality layout paper stock from a specialised mill in central Europe. This is an excellent example of how our products surpass the quality of others that try and copy our pad range. Our Bleedproof Marker range is our biggest seller and in 2006 we introduced a recycled bleed proof marker pad as part of our environmentally aware initiative.


All great ideas start off on a piece of paper. Our extensive warehouse is full of all different types of paper. Shades of white, a huge variety of colours, sizes and weights.

Pens and Markers, Inks

Even in an age of technology, many creative’s still choose to draw concepts by hand. There is nothing quite like the interaction between brain and marker for releasing that inspiration. We stock hundreds of different pens and markers, some for different applications but mainly because everyone has their own personal choice and we aim to please.

Copier Papers

There is nothing like grabbing an idea from somewhere else and turning it into your magic. Our copier papers are not only great quality for copying but perfect for glueing, writing or painting but it is worth checking with one of our trained experts before you try and push your creativity too far.

The cutting room

Cutting and pasting were around way before command-x and command-v. Our customers spend hours cutting things up and sticking them down pushing creativity to the edge. We hold a large range of cutting, shaping and adhesive products to help you deliver your work within tight deadlines but at the same time being considerate of the environment by reducing the number of aerosol products.

Knives, Blades and Handles

We still stock Swan Morton scalpel blades although we only sell hundreds rather than the thousands that the art workers of old used to use. We have a huge array of knives and cutters to help you cut and chop all of the boards and substrates that we sell.

Cutting Mats

Protect your workshops by investing in a cutting mat; we carry several shapes and sizes. The other benefit is that knives and cutters will stay sharp for longer and reduce the number of times that you have to change the blades.


We provide an extensive range of hand guillotines or for larger quantities of paper a power guillotine to cut paper quickly and accurately.  Copiers and printers can print higher volumes so work that may have been put out before can now be done in house, ideal for pitch documents or booklets.


If you ever cut anything from a roll, particularly output from a large format printer or proofer, then a trimmer is for you. They are available in several widths and capacities for different weights of a substrate.


We stock a range of speciality cutters for cutting shapes, circles and special effects like perforations for when mocking up a finished piece that will have a tear-off section.

Rulers, Guides and Templates

For any type of cutting with a knife or a blade, we recommend some kind of safety cutter. Your hands are your livelihood and one tired slip of the knife can not only give you a nasty injury but you may also spoil the artwork.  Our range of guides and templates will help speed up the process and give accuracy and consistency.


The creative industry is all about presentation. Whether it be a new idea to an existing client or a pitch to a new client Colyer London is there to help. It is paramount that presentation materials are top quality to embellish your ideas but most presentation material is only used once and then thrown away.  Because of this Colyer has developed a range of recycled and recyclable presentation media.

Inkjet Cartridges, Papers and Films

In our central London warehouse, we keep a vast stock of cartridges for all the major manufacturers of inkjet printers. From 4 colour to 12 colour machines we keep them all in stock ready for you to call off at a moments notice.  All of our cartridges are top quality branded makes; we do not want to compromise your fabulous work with inferior copies from the Far East. Our stock of papers and films for inkjet printers are quite a sight, a wall of boxes of all different types. gloss, matt, silk, satin, lustre, thick, thin, rough and smooth are some of the descriptions and sizes range from small postcard size up to rolls over 2m wide.

Toners and Copier Paper and Film

Supplies toner-based machines are a real speciality of ours as we sell so many copiers and printers on the computing side of the business. You have to be careful what type of substrates you put through thee machines as if you get it wrong it can damage the machine and end up as a costly repair. Our expert staff will be able to guide you and recommend the best materials for your machine. Our range not only includes papers ranging from economy to premium quality presentation paper but also envelope labels, CD labels and speciality products like never-tear and banner paper.

PolyBoard and Mounting Board

It’s a good thing that everyone has their own favourite way of mounting presentation boards; otherwise, they would all look the same! Because of this, we keep a massive range of Polyboard and Mountboard. We keep recycled mountboards and a recyclable foamboard as part of our environmental initiative, which is particularly useful when working with an environmentally sensitive client although there is no reason why they shouldn’t be used all the time. Some of the products are pre-coated with adhesive for easy and quick mounting of the subject matter. Our extensive range consists of different brands, thicknesses, sizes and colours all of which will be lovingly wrapped and delivered to you by a careful driver so that when your idea is presented the presentation will be perfect.

Adhesives and Tapes

Almost all presentations involve some kind of sticking something down. We will have a solution for every way that you may want to mount or glue something. Tapes, of all varieties, glues, spray adhesives (bit messy and environmentally frowned upon) and now the most popular way, transfer adhesives such as Xyron. Some customers have to use sprays for some work so we stock a range of spray booths that collect the excess residue and makes everything better.

Portfolios and Sleeves

We all like to be a show-off and our range of portfolios will certainly help you show off your work in the most professional way. Whether you want to look professional, corporate, funky or wacky, we will be able to find a portfolio to help you express yourself.

Binding Systems for Booklets

An increasing trend when pitching or presenting is to support the delivery with booklets. If you are not lucky enough to have one of our colour printers that can produce booklets from your computer then we have a range of binding systems and booklet makers to make your presentations look great.


Architects, Engineers or Designers for Theatre, Film, Interiors and Textiles are the technical talents of the Creative Industry.  We stock a comprehensive range of technical materials and products to support the technical aspect of the industry.

Technical Pens

Even in a computer age we still sell technical pens that are an essential tool for technical designs such as set, lighting and furniture designs.

Finepoint pens

Most ideas start off with a fine-point pen and because everyone has their favourites we have to keep them. We have just about every make, in every size and every colour.

Papers and Films

Specialist instruments need specialist substrates and with our heritage, we have understood what goes with what.

Drawing Boards

Whether is it for the studio, the office or for a home we should have a product in our range to suit you.

Drawing Instruments

Even with a steady hand you will still a compass or template to draw a circle or an arc. They just don’t make things like this any more!


Computers cannot substitute the sensation of the effect of laying a medium onto a substrate. Our range of fine art products supports creative individuals that can express their creativity by using traditional methods but in today’s commercial world.


Different brushes for different effects give you the ability to express yourself. Sable, Kolinsky, Horsehair, simulated hair and many more will enable you to create your own art.

Crayons, Chalks, Charcoal and Pastels

Sometimes you can beat a traditional method. An artwork created from sticks of colour is probably the most pleasing to the eye and an extremely satisfying way to create.

Paints, Oils, Acrylics, Spray and Watercolours

We obviously don’t endorse or support graffiti but in the right place, there is some great workaround. We can offer a vast range of colours, in tubes, pots or pans and bottles that will enable you to create to your heart’s content.

Easels and Canvas

We can offer many ways of holding your work in position while allowing you to perform in the most comfortable position. Discuss your requirements with one of our customer services team and we will recommend a solution tailored to your needs.

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