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Xerox ® Workflow Central Platform

How can you keep everything running smoothly, securely, connected, and productive when your employees are spread across several locations and working with a variety of document formats? Simple. All of your devices will have the ability to handle everyday workflow hurdles. Anywhere

Workplace flexibility is here to stay.

For many businesses, hybrid working appears to be the future during the pandemic. Now there is a new opportunity to build your company’s base by meeting the needs of today’s flexible workforce.

With the Workflow Central platform, you can provide robust office-level document processes to workers in the office, at home, or on the move. A new variety of quiet, compact personal machines is now available at an affordable price for those working from home. These, together with the most recent version of the Xerox Print and Scan Experience, can help your employees be more productive from anywhere.

What is Xerox Workflow Central?

Workflow Central is a Microsoft Azure-secured cloud-hosted software platform that automates workflows for digital and physical documents. You can use the service from your MFP, mobile device, or computer, no matter where you are working. It offers hybrid workers with the necessary digitization and workflow automation tools, whether they are working from home, in the office, or on the go.

How it works

You can use Workflow Central on your business MFP, mobile phone, laptop, or personal MFP (via the Xerox Print and Scan Experience if you have a Xerox machine). Select a process from the Starter Pack, which includes the five most popular app capabilities, after uploading a digital document or scanning a physical document.

  1. Handwriting to text – instantly converts handwritten notes into a fully editable digital format. It’s a great aid for people who take online meetings.
  2. Translate – the rapid and reliable translation of documents
  3. Convert to Audio – Convert a document into audio and start listening
  4. Redact – automatically redact sensitive personally identifiable information in a single operation
  5. Convert to MS Office – easy, accurate optical character recognition for turning documents into Microsoft editable files

BENEFITS OF USING WORKFLOW CENTRAL | Work will find you no matter where you are. You can now get it done anywhere.

We no longer go to work; instead, work comes to us – from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats. This necessitates increased levels of adaptation, flexibility, and security in workflows.

  • Adaptability allows you to be effective and productive regardless of where you are. Switch between places, devices, and formats with ease.
  • Always available and able to adapt to changing process requirements. Because taking a break isn’t an option.
  • Working, sharing, and collaborating outside of the office infrastructure is made safer with security. Thanks to Microsoft Azure security intelligence, you can rest assured that your papers and the information they contain are safe.
  • 24/7 cloud connection — home, office or on the go.
  • Subscription-based, providing immediate access to a library of processes that can be accessed from any location and on any device.
  • Decide whether a monthly or yearly page-based membership is suitable for your company. There are several pack sizes to choose from, all of which include limitless users and devices.
  • It’s easy to renew and upgrade as your needs and work evolve.

Use xerox workflow central and start growing your business today. Get in touch with one of our specialists right away.

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