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HeyHuman is an integrated marketing agency in London focusing on human behaviour to help clients understand how people experience brands. They specialise in many disciplines including digital, social, and shopper marketing.

HeyHuman (like other creative agencies), the efficiency and quality of their in-house printing are vital. There’s little use in their talent developing standout strategy and creative ideas if the print output isn’t up to scratch. If the printing doesn’t do the creative work justice, HeyHuman ends up serving clients and new business prospects a less than impactful visual experience of what the agency intends. The importance of high print quality for HeyHuman can make the vital difference between winning or losing a client.

So, it was a shock when we audited their in-house printing capability – much of HeyHuman’s equipment was old, inefficient and had been losing them time and money for a long while. A comprehensive review of their printers was well overdue.

We discovered their Client Services department was constantly up against unreliable printers, which caused them untold headaches, which were crippling their ability to do their jobs properly. Whenever they prepared for a client or new business meetings, they had so much trouble simply trying to print their creative team’s amazing work. And when they did manage to print, the quality was so poor that it wasn’t representative of the high quality of work they could produce.

The range of issues they encountered included poor colour accuracy and quality, which led to huge print wastage and the prospect of showing clients poorly printed work in off-brand colours. If that isn’t bad enough, HeyHuman were also constantly up against paper jams that never seemed to get fixed, because their previous suppliers’ customer service wasn’t as responsive as they needed, even though they were paying a rather large service charge.

HeyHuman’s staff were encountering the same printer problems day in day out, causing them undue stress and it wasted lots of time; reducing productivity, lowering morale and losing money. Stress was at an all-time high, while productivity was at an all-time low.

Our audit results demonstrated to HeyHuman how we could quickly improve their print services and increase their operational efficiency. We were able to show how specific changes in their print set-up and servicing would have a massively positive impact on the whole business.

Our first step was to replace all 3 of their legacy printers with our own modern Xerox C-series printers. The Xerox C60/C70 printers (with External Fiery RIPS, which increase capacity and can handle larger file sizes), offer almost 100% availability throughout their lifetime. These new machines would allow us to create colour consistency across the business, with each department having access to similar devices. By installing our Xerox machines and organising quarterly visits by our profiling ColourCare support team, we were able to guarantee HeyHuman complete colour printing accuracy and consistency, across all three devices.

HeyHuman would be able to reliably print their work to the consistently high standard their work deserves, and clients expect.

As members of our VIP Colyer CarePlan, HeyHuman receives our excellent customer care and print management services, which will ensure ongoing pro-active support, to cut out any downtime caused by technical issues. The solution we devised and implemented for HeyHuman has led to greater efficiency by perfecting the colour output, as well as reducing lost print jobs, wasted print-outs, and frustrating machine downtime; providing a positive impact on the business by reducing staff stress, lost time and increasing overall productivity.

Heyman’s document printing is now consistently brilliant, with bright accurate colours and the print quality that more accurately reflects the great work the agency is doing for their brand clients. The business is working more efficiently and there is a renewed confidence within the agency that they can trust their printing, across all three of their new machines. These great results paired with cost-savings and a much-improved service means that HeyHuman is deliriously happy with our work.

Overall the solution we implemented means they’ll be paying far less than previously for their print services, but with improved and pro-active customer services, ensuring a drastic cut in costs lost time and agitation.

Gareth Hillary, IT Director commented

“Colyer gave us a holistic analysis of our printing set-up, including talking to our staff, which is something neither of our incumbent suppliers had offered. This was followed up with some excellent recommendations that offered faster, higher quality output, greatly improved reliability and a substantially lower cost of ownership. We also gained the failover capabilities we wanted as part of the project. We are thrilled with our investment and our new service provider.”

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