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Things your printer might say:

If office printers could talk – By virtue of its name, we are all guilty of assuming that our printers are there for one and only one purpose – to print.  But what if technology has moved on but not our mindset?  This article takes a look at some of the extras you may not even know were available from your in-house machine.

  • “You take me for granted – you don’t even know half the things I can do”.
  • “As far as you’re concerned, all I’m good for is the bare minimum.  But I can do so much more!”
  • “All you want to do is print, print, print!  What about asking me to do something else for a change?”

Pick a language – any language!

Did you know that I can translate your documents?  Just pick your language!  Input your document via a range of different formats (paper, mobile, PC) and choose from 40 different languages.  Want an immediate translation?  I can manage that in a flash.  Have a little more time?  I can coordinate with a super-fast human to ensure your translation is top quality.

I can also manage your documents!

Need something posted in your Dropbox?  Nothing simpler.  Wherever you want to save your scanned document, or whoever you want to share it with, I’m the one who can put it there.  When you are done scanning, just enter the address and I’ll make sure it gets there safely – one less email to send and one less thing to forget to do.

Special Agent Printer

007 has nothing on me when it comes to tracking documents.  Ever noticed some subtle yellow dots on your printed page?  By secretly embedding these onto each document I print, I’m giving you a serial number and date stamp so you can track the paper.  These dots can tell you on what printer a document was printed and when helping you track down the who.

Voice recognition

Why figure out how to program me when you can just ask me?  Getting a printer to carry out complicated jobs used to be about trial and error.  Now just say what you need.  Just a few words of kindness and I’ll obey your every command.  Your words are orders!


You might think I’m high maintenance, but actually I’ve started taking care of myself – you no longer need to worry about remembering to buy paper and ink – I’ve got that covered with alerts sent directly to my trusty supplier (Colyer? ;)).  All you have to do is show up!

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