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Recycling and waste management!

Improving London Air Quality – We are very proud to announce that at the Camden Council’s Climate Alliance Sustainability evening, Colyer scooped not one, but three awards for our environmental practices. We are fiercely proactive in our green approach and to get the recognition for our efforts in sustainability (through reducing emissions; and waste management and recycling), was the validation and industry recognition of our eco-strategy.

The CCCA named Colyer London:

  • Sustainable Business of the Year
  • Excellence in improving air quality control
  • Excellence in waste management and recycling

Being a responsible company in today’s climate is at the heart of Colyer’s work ethic.  It permeates everything we do from sourcing our suppliers, proposing sustainable printing solutions and delivering our products to our customers. At the same time, being a sustainable company is also important to our customers. The Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study showed that 91% of consumers expect their suppliers to address social and environmental issues, while 84% actively seek out suppliers offering responsible products.  We see ourselves on both sides of this debate, sourcing responsible products and operating with as little impact as possible on emissions and waste.

The proof is in the pudding:

  1. Over the last year, we have recycled 7,662KGs of waste at our London base. This means that we recycle 67% of all our waste; saving 87 trees from beheading, and 11 tonnes of C02 from being released. We have also been able to convert 3,831KGs of our waste to energy, generating 2091KWH.
  2. In the 15 months since our hot pink electric vans first hit the streets, we have been able to evaluate the difference that this has made. In fact, we estimate that we have saved a whopping 639g of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere with each mile spent behind the wheel. That amounts to 22.64 MT per year. ( calculator/)

Together, let’s green up London’s streets – London Air Quality

However, you are only ever as good as your most recent audit. We believe in being tough on ourselves and pushing forward each year to be the best and greenest that we can be. Our 2017 ISO14001 environmental audit will push us to an even better level of quality, durability and sustainability through our products and processes for the benefit of our clients, our staff and the world around us. And why not procure a 100% renewable energy source while we are at it?

Footnote – Since 2011, Colyer London and Colyer Phillips have been ISO14001 environmental standard compliant. We also follow WEEE recycling regulations (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

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