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File Servers

An efficient server set-up is a fundamental part of any successful business. With our range of bespoke storage and backup solutions, you have everything you need to keep all systems and data safe.

Apple Products Suppliers

We are a licensed Apple Mac product reseller and with our long Apple pedigree, you can be sure to get the very best care and attention for your computers, laptops, and ipads.

Data Storage

With ever-increasing file sizes and quantity of data, fast reliable storage is more important than it has ever been. We provide outstanding performance at affordable price for your data storage.

Mail Servers

We design and build robust email solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Off-the-shelf solutions freeze when faced with large file sizes companies use. We’re a specialist supplier and build systems for your needs in mind.


Slow file transfers can kill productivity, not to mention client relationships. The security of your files and data is also of paramount importance. Think your network could be working harder for you? Get in touch with Colyer.

Backup Storage

A file server is needed should your team files be kept safe. If all files are located in the same area on the server, all the files will be backed up. This is to avoid confusions and duplications as the most current version of any file will be kept on the server.