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With ever-developing print ranges and multi-functional printing capabilities, it is easy to forget the basic principle of high print quality, particularly when it comes to mono format.

Legal firms, be they solicitors, accountants or counsellors, must always ensure that the quality of their documents is not only pristine on paper, but also fully safe-guarded from any potential security threats, be they in or out of the office. This is where the Altalink range comes to the fore.

In a previous article, we covered the quality and importance of Xerox’ new workplace solutions, with its innovative App Gallery and its dynamic Cloud facility. However, an integral part of Xerox’ new printing interface is its bulletproof security detail. With threats of external hackers constantly growing, combined with the increased diligence required with Data Protection and GDPR, the necessity for top-of-the-range security has never been so vital, nor so relevant with legal practices.

Legal firms process and print more confidential information than any other printing industry, and the security of these networks is paramount. The new Xerox software enables managers to fully monitor what employees are printing, while also being able to relay permissions of what they can access from their computer or mobile device. This can obviously ensure that sensitive data from one department cannot be easily accessed and viewed by another, as well as, if preferred, enable alerts for when malicious or sensitive information is being printed. With McAfee plugged in, users can be assured that Xerox’ security software is constantly updated to deal with even the latest and most complicated security threats. This feature is also compatible with all of the Xerox workplace solutions, meaning that having this detail would not inhibit the use of Xerox’ ConnectKey applications.


Connectkey, and more specifically, its App Gallery allows people to create their own apps which may be uniquely useful in the office, whether it is designed to increase efficiency or protect sensitive documentation. While one can create their own, there are already existing apps which act in the interest of confidentiality and data protection. The Redaction app, for example, allow one to effectively black out items in a document from a mobile phone or the Altalink’s integrated touch screen. Think of how much time a solicitor could save with an application like that? Rather than having to take the time to manually black out each private word or line in a contract, or even having to do it by hand after a print has concluded, the Redaction app can automatically detect and edit particular strands of private information with total accuracy, meaning that the probability of accidentally producing a document that is not properly redacted is entirely minimalised. This is just one example of how Xerox can completely overhaul   unnecessary procedures, while still producing the very highest quality of print.

I feel I should mention that outside of the massive range of capacities which are offered by the Xerox interface, the Altalink can also print, copy and scan as well! Perfect for quality high volume printing, the range can optimise any business. In a populated office environment, waiting times for using a printer add up very quickly. Nobody wants the days of waiting in a queue to scan or to print. Using mobile technology, prints can be queued from your desk and from your home or even on your lunch break, meaning invaluable time is not wasted standing around waiting to scan for example. This is vital when it comes to printing those lengthy tenancy agreements or employment contracts, the B8090 model for example can print up to ninety pages a minute! One would see the difference in company efficiency within a single day.

While smaller offices may benefit more from a Versalink, and bigger companies should opt for a Primelink, the Altalink provides outstanding quality and speed as an all-round machine for an office. For those concentrating on quality of text on paper, without any production printing needs, the Altalink will certainly be top of the tree. It’s hardware, combined with the brilliance of the Xerox ConnectKey software and therefore its App Gallery and highly innovated security detail, makes the AltaLink ideal for anybody dealing with confidential and highly sensitive data.

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