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You are what you breathe.

In London pollution alone, there are an estimated 40,000 deaths per year attributed to disease brought on by pollution. Our roads are clogged with cars, not all well-maintained, delivery vans idling between jobs (not ours!) and the rise of home grocery and package deliveries are only going up.  Vans are the fastest growing traffic segment in the UK with 70% growth in the last 20 years (RAC Foundation).

Have you ever had that feeling when you get home after a day in central London and you just feel dirty? The need for a shower and a little calm time can be overwhelming. All-day long we are assailed by pollution, whether it is from car emissions, noise or aeroplanes circling above our heads. While we can wash away the day from our skin, we can’t scour our insides clean.

According to the INRX Traffic Scorecard Report, London pollution is the second-worst city in Europe for traffic congestion (out of 748 cities in Europe). For those of us who work and live in it, it’s time to stand up and make some changes to protect our health as well as the city we love.

  • Leave the car at home. Go into town on public transport. Great inroads have been made in improving London transport public transport infrastructure and dedicated bus lanes mean that it is often the fastest way to get about.
  • Use side streets for that leisurely walk into town. Staying off the high street can reduce your exposure to pollution by 20%, not to mention you might see something new!
  • No idling – turn off your engine whenever you are not moving – waiting to collect the kids from school is a classic but only serves to poison our children. Diesel delivery vans take note – it is unacceptable to leave the engine running when making the drop.
  • Work from home once or twice a week – the stress removal of not doing the commute provides a break for everyone in the family, eases wear and tear on the car and reduces the number of cars on the road and people on the move.
  • Maintain your fleet – well-maintained vehicles can improve their efficiency, reduce emissions and ultimately save you money while you save up to go Electric.
  • Electric Dreams – Vans can now last exponentially longer on one charge and prevent nasty emissions by simply not emitting any. They can reach anything between 80 and 106 miles between charges, so perfect for zipping around London streets. They are cheaper to run than diesel engines and, importantly, also reduce noise pollution by virtue of being silent runners.

The Colyer London Clean Air Initiative

There are so many articles and information in the public domain about how to reduce pollution in London. We at Colyer work in close quarters with the CCCA and are putting in place initiatives to improve the quality of the air we all breathe.

Colyer London is launching Eco-miles to encourage clients to go green. The more you use our emission-free delivery (and our hot pink vans!), the more eco-miles you earn. Add to that that delivery is free, this makes one, financially-efficient, positive, eco-friendly action on your side. Eco-miles become cash given to your chosen charity of our pre-selected organisations:  The British Lung Foundation, and Trees for Cities. By signing up to register for Eco-miles, you will be able to add the action to your CSR report as the points will be awarded in the name of your business

Points scheme: Together, let’s green up London!

  • 1 delivery = 1 Eco-mile
  • 250 deliveries = 250 Eco-miles = £25
  • 500 deliveries = 500 Eco-miles = £50
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