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New Xerox AltaLink 2.5 firmware feature update

Xerox AltaLink C8100 and B8100 printers now get a free software update, guaranteeing you to continue for safe, mobile, and cloud-ready devices. This includes touchless access, infrared security and cloud authentication

  1. Touchless Workflow Accelerators: Without touching the user screen, you can copy, scan, fax, or email. Users merely place a job in the document feeder and AltaLink takes care of the rest with the automatic touchless workflow accelerators.
  2. Imaging Security: Designed to secure documents from unintentional disclosure. It uses Xerox proprietary infrared technology to mark sensitive documents, prohibiting duplication and producing alarms and audit logs to track duplication attempts.
  3. Mobile and Cloud Ready: To log in to the AltaLink device, use current cloud authentication and authorisation capabilities provided by Okta, Ping, or Microsoft Azure to avoid the requirement for on-site authentication servers.
  4. Native support for Microsoft Universal Print: If you have Microsoft Universal Print (MUP) in Office 365, you can register your AltaLink with MUP and avoid using the MUP connector.
  5. Multi-feed detection: When numerous pages are fed simultaneously, the optional Multi-feed Detection Kit, which will be available shortly for the C8170 and B8170 models, detects the misfeed and allows the user to clear the misfeed, rearrange, or rescan the job.

Complete your task without touching the user interface

  • Auto start copy, scan to, fax, email, or touch as an app default, or as part of personalisation, enabled by the administrator
  • When media is identified in the document feeder, the job is automatically started
  • Unless the user programmes another job, the job will start in 7 seconds
  • Touchless Workflow Accelerators help to keep the workplace safe and productive
Touchless Workflow Accelerators

The Xerox AltaLink printer machine links directly to Okta, Ping, and Microsoft Azure Cloud Identity Providers (IdPs)

Eliminate the requirement for on-premise authentication servers by leveraging cloud authentication and authorisation: you can continue to use your existing Cloud IdP authentication and authorisation capabilities for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Mobile and Cloud Ready


  1. Transition on-site authentication servers to the Cloud
  2. To connect to a compatible Cloud IdP, no additional software or solutions are necessary
  3. Save space, cost, IT resources

Protect sensitive documents from unintended disclosure

•  Mark sensitive documents with AltaLink’s Xerox proprietary infrared (IR) marking technology
•  Mark and protect Copy jobs, Print, Secure Print jobs, Email, Scan To
•  Devices can be set to take action when a document with an IR mark is detected:

  1. Notification via email alert + create an audit log event
  2. Inhibit the Job + create an audit log event
  3. Inhibit and notify + create an audit log event
  4. Create audit log event only
Imaging Security

Multi-feed Detection Kit

(available as an option on C8170/B8170 only)
The AltaLink® 8100 series automatic document feeders (ADF) have a sophisticated misfeed/multi-feed detection mechanism incorporated into the electronics and feeder assembly.

Atlantis 2.5 Additional Enhancements

A multi-feed detection sensor kit is available for the Xerox® AltaLink® 8170 ADF. The Xerox® AltaLink C8170/B8170 MFPs include an ultrasonic multi-feed detection system on top of current capabilities after the kit is installed.

Adaptive Learning update
Adaptive Learning can now be configured to configure device defaults for walk-up users automatically based on device usage

Editable 1-Touch Apps
You can make one-time changes to 1-Touch App or save the changes as a new 1-Touch App

Native support for Microsoft Universal Print
If you have embraced Microsoft® Universal Print (MUP) in Microsoft 365, you can register your AltaLink® with MUP and avoid using the MUP connector

Configuration Watchdog
Now monitor and remediate up to 75 security-related settings

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