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Office Supplies

Products form the administrative backbone of every business

Whether it’s folders, envelopes, pens or box files, we have all the office supplies you need. Within our product offering, we can obtain a range of over 25,000 products most of which we can get to you on the same day if you require. Our unrivalled free of charge delivery service in central London guarantees that you get your products on time when you require them without any additional charge.

We would love to hear from you when you call up to place your orders but if you would prefer you could place your orders online.  Our webshop, ColyerGo, shows the products that you want to display and all your prices, your favourite pages saves you time and your personal homepage shows you all your recent orders and invoices.

Call us to receive a free catalogue


  • Over 16,000 products clearly displayed
  • Quick and easy reference – products are listed alphabetically, colour-coded, and grouped by category
  • Green Environmental products highlighted and indexed


  • Improved tabulated index
  • It covers a great range of Initiative products that are environmentally friendly
  • Additional brands (such as Duo)


  • 40 pages containing over 600 environmentally friendly products
  • A comprehensive range of products that are helpful to the environment or provide benefit to growers and suppliers in Third World countries
  • Links to the A-Z+ catalogue, which features a dedicated ‘green index’
  • Printed on 130gsm recycled paper


  • Boardroom
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Staff Room
  • Broom Cupboard


Colyer is a single-source supplier to the Creative Industry. This means that not only can we supply office products for the Boardroom but we can also supply TV, video and audio solutions including computer and networking.  In addition to this, we can even print and supply your own interior graphics to enhance and personalise your image.  Our full range of Boardroom furniture and seating, presentation materials and meeting accessories will enhance your Boardroom to impress your clients and improve your meetings.


We have great relationships with several partners that will work with us to make your boardroom look at how you want to look and feel. We can do corporate or funky to super cool.


There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable chair in a Boardroom. You may impress your guests with your swanky sound system but turn them off if they leave with an aching lower back. It is important to have maximum comfort but also looks are crucial; appropriate seating to match the mood can make or break a Boardroom.

Presentation accessories

This is where the other aspects of Colyer London can help you turn your Boardroom into a Theatre to present your visions. Our Computing section can design, supply and install an audiovisual system with computer support that will wow your audience. Added to this we can supply complimentary items such as sideboards, coat stands and storage cupboards that will help your boardroom looking as fantastic as it did on day one.


From the main lights to lamps and up-lighters we can help you set the mood for your meeting. Our lighting solutions will just make a great room even better.

Meeting accessories

It is the detail that makes a difference. Your crockery, coasters, pens and notepads need to mirror your values; our range of catering accessories and meeting accessories will help set your meeting environment. The retention of the content of the meeting is equally as important as the visual aspect, we can provide you with meeting aids that will both provide impact and clarity, from interactive whiteboards to a good looking flip chart our meeting accessories will set the standard.


We offer a full range of kitchen equipment, utensils, food and drinks that will give your staff the facilities that they deserve and enable you to impress your guests with quality refreshments.


You can save time on shopping by using our express free of charge delivery service to delivery all your coffee, tea, chocolate and other beverage requirements. Our range also includes Fairtrade products, which guarantees a better deal for workers from poor and developing countries.


We can supply a full range of kitchen utensils that can be delivered in no time at all with all your other products.  If it is high-quality items to match your brand or just paper plates and plastic knives for a garden party, we have the full range.


Our range of appliances include dishwashers, fridges, dishwashers and kettles, all of which can be delivered to you free of charge and will enhance your kitchen space.


Someone has got to keep the kitchen tidy and we can help with our range of cleaners, bleach, wipes and cloths. We can even provide rubber gloves to protect his hands.


If you need some last-minute snacks for a sudden meeting we can help. See our catalogues or webshop to choose some tasty executive nibbles.


Colyer London is a member of Integra, the largest stationery supplies group, our stationery prices are as competitive as the largest suppliers in the country.  The benefit of using Colyer London for all your office supplies is that we receive your order sooner and delivery in central London is free. Today’s office uses as many EOS products as it does stationery items. ‘E.O.S. Products’ such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, computers and computer accessories play a vital role in today’s business. With so many manufacturers to choose from and so many products available, Colyer staff are fully trained so that they are able to help and advise about what product you need and how quickly we can get it to you.

General stationery

We all need items for our office on a constant basis. It just needs to be as simple as possible to get hold of. Colyer London has 3 different catalogues, all of which are available free of charge, that clearly describe all the products that you will ever need. We have quality budget versions and branded versions of most items so that you can select the appropriate product for the requirement. Our unique webshop will show your special pricing, all your last orders and invoices and gives you your own personal favourites page. It is the quickest and easiest process available. Some customers like to pick up the phone and our customer services staff are waiting for your call, they are fully trained on products and applications and would love to offer you advice on what is going to be best for you. We are here to help.


We keep a massive stock of EOS products in our central London warehouse. Because of the nature of these items they are often required immediately as a tape is full and the backup hasn’t worked or the printer has suddenly stopped. Because of our location, we can deliver these products to you quickly, often within a couple of hours. We stock tapes for most backup devices and toners, inks, drums and fusers for most of the popular pieces of office equipment.


Envelopes, postage bags, labels, tubes and sorting racks are all part of a busy mailroom. Colyer London can provide fast consistent supply for the post room reducing the chance of any delay to a minimum.

Filing binders and folders

We have a vast selection of binders and folders. Many different shapes and sizes all to suit your personal requirements. Have a look through one of our 3 catalogues or search through our website which will help you refine your choice and pick your perfect binder.

Office environment, furniture and equipment

From low-cost contract office furniture through to hip benches for wacky creative’s we can design and delivery amazing furniture solutions. Our catalogues clearly display our standard ranges but we partner several furniture manufacturers who can provide custom builds for almost any environment. Please call us to discuss how we can help you improve your workspace into becoming a creative shrine.

Staff Room

We all have our own little quirks and habits and like our own bits of stationery to help us do our work. Whether it is your particular sticky note, your organiser pages or a new backpack to replace that old briefcase, we have got all the products that you will need.

Personal planners

Organise your life and express your image by carrying one of the many personal planners in our range.


We keep diaries for most of the current year but stocks do run out as the year goes on. It is worth ordering next years diary in plenty of time before the end of the to make sure that your size and style that you want to use for the next 12 months!

Cases, backpacks and luggage

These things attach to your back or hang from your arms every day of the week, it is important that you choose something that you like, holds what you want and is comfortable to use. Because of our knowledge of Computing we are experts in recommending cases and backpacks to hold and protect your laptop. There is an extensive range in our 3 catalogues but we have more wacky designs in our Computing range.

Broom Cupboard

Every office needs to be kept clean and fresh and with our full range of cleaning and janitorial supplies you will never run out of anything again.

Cleaning Equipment

Ask any contract carpet expert and they will say that you still can’t beat a Henry as a general-purpose office vacuum cleaner. However, with the Henry Turbo and many other alternatives, you may want to challenge Henry and pick an alternative. You can see our full range of mops, buckets, brooms and brushes in our 3 catalogues or search online at

Cleaners, soaps and polish

All the popular brands to make things shine and smell of roses are available in our range.

Rubbish bins, recycling bins

As creative environments, we do have a lot of waste. We need big bins. We can provide you with bins for all parts of the business including bins suitable for storing waste for recycling.

Tissues and hand towels

For the washroom or the kitchen, you need a good supply of hand towels and tissues. A good dispenser reduces the number of wasted sheets that are used and keeps the area looking clean and tidy.


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