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A. official Colyer London CarePlan contract takes away all your IT hardware issues. If you have a problem with your servers, workstations, iPads, tablets (or anything IT-related for that matter), our highly-skilled engineers will take care of things for you in no time at all, leaving you free to get on with running your business.

Our official CarePlans include all labour charges, call out charges and loan equipment costs so there’ll be no nasty surprises. If we can’t fix the problem straight away, we’ll lend you replacement kit to enable you to carry on working while your equipment is being repaired. The only cost that may be added is the cost of the failed part itself. Although even in this instance, a CarePlan contract can often be combined with a manufacturer’s extended hardware warranty to cover these costs too. Ask us about this option.

Get in touch!

Whenever you need us, just call our London Call Centre or log a call online. Your issue will then be recorded on our help-desk system and a ‘job ticket’ will be allocated. We will select the best engineer for the job who will be in touch directly with a plan of action. Our help-desk system gives you access to updates on the progress of your job at any time. You’ll never have to chase us, and you’ll always know what’s going on.

Unlimited support

Telephone support is unlimited for each machine and piece of equipment covered by a CarePlan contract. We are here to help. Whether we fix your issue remotely or come to you, our primary aim is to get you up and running as soon as we can.

Automatic Remote Monitoring

By remotely monitoring your equipment, we can spot potential problems before they occur. This means we can fix a problem before you even realise there was one! How good is that?! This is essential for critical workgroup devices that are used by multiple members of staff. Remote Monitoring is all part of a CarePlan contract.



Casper Management Suite

If you have a Mac contract and you have 10 or more workstations, Casper Management Suite is an inclusive part of the contract. This ‘best in class’ support tool enables us to deliver a raft of support features together with user automation. The fix-my-mac application is just one of the many time-saving productivity features that Casper has to offer.

Licensed Software and Asset tracking

Another benefit of introducing Casper to your workflow is that we will keep a detailed inventory of all your assets. This allows us to report on your software usage, firstly to make sure that you’re compliant, but also to make sure that everyone is using the same version. Your business will run more smoothly and we can support you more effectively if your team are all on the same page.

Quarterly housekeeping visits

All equipment needs a little TLC from time to time so we set aside some time
for every machine, every quarter, to give it a thorough check-up; to check that everything is up to date and to see if there’s anything we can do to prevent problems in the future.



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