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Colyer London is a specialist supplier to the Creative, Media and Graphic Arts Industry. This is a very demanding sector, not just in terms of service delivery and timescales but also technical expertise and colour accuracy. Say hello to our unique value proposition, customer experience for servicing Xerox printing devices, exclusive and only available in central London.

Preventative Maintenance Visits

  • All your assets are automatically monitored using cloud-based technology checking availability and consumable status. Customers are able to access the portal for real-time information on status, volumes and usage of the fleet
  • Consumables are automatically shipped before they are required without any customer intervention
  • Engineering requests are automatically generated when equipment requires servicing often resulting in a technician being dispatched before the customer is aware of a problem
  • Dynamic preventative maintenance driven by data from remote monitoring ensures maximum reliability of all assets
  • Charging is simple, timely and accurate, presented in the format of the customer’s choice
  • Service requests are answered by customer services assistants immediately or can be placed online
  • Response times are contractually agreed from next day to 2 hours depending on how critical the machine is to your workflow
  • Collaborative job ticketing ensures full transparency and up to date visibility of all open issues together with the full-service history of every asset
  • Fully inclusive – all consumables are included in the contract. We can even include paper!
  • Fully insured – we have Professional Indemnity Insurance of up to £10 million. In the very unlikely event of us making a catastrophic mistake, we are fully insured to pay your claim
  • Back-up Printing & Disaster Recovery – if your printer stops working you can come and use one of ours
  • Carbon Free Deliveries help make London a safer and cleaner place



Skills and Experience

Our Xerox Certified engineers are fully qualified to service and support the Xerox range of Office and Light Production range of machines. We believe that constant training is paramount to delivering superior service and our entire workforce regularly attend refresher courses and technical updates.


A Colyer CarePlan value proposition agreement for Xerox is all-inclusive and covers the cost of all engineering time, all parts, all consumables, and can even include paper. Budgeting is made easy and the cost is controlled by a simple charge for each copy or print.

Guaranteed Response Times

Our engineers are based in Rosebery Avenue which means that all of our response times are going to be good but if you want to guarantee to be front of the queue then our Silver and Gold VIP contracts value proposition assure you a very rapid response. If downtime is not an option, then a guaranteed rapid response contract will keep you in full production.

Remote Monitoring

Our cloud-based technology monitors all assets, automatically sending requests to our technicians when an issue arises. The technicians are able to remotely monitor equipment, plan preventative maintenance and arrive on site with the relevant parts or software to prevent a problem before it occurs.

Consumable Requests

In addition to monitoring machine status, the system monitors consumable levels and automatically sends a request to our customer services team when a consumable item is going to need replacing soon. The customer saves substantial amounts of time as the process is fully automated with no need for requests to call centres. The item will arrive before you are aware that it is required.

Carbon Free Consumable Deliveries

We are reinvesting in our fleet of delivery vehicles. We plan to have an entire fleet of electric vehicles to deliver all of your consumable orders, emission and carbon-free. Parts, paper and consumable stocks are held in our central London warehouse and rapidly dispatched using our own fleet of vans. If the need arises, we can deliver within a couple of hours.

Paper for Paper-Inclusive Contracts

An initial batch of paper is supplied with the machine and then replenished according to the machine volume. We supply Xerox Colortech 100gsm for creative machines and Initiative 80gsm for office use.




Online Portals

Customers have access to both our cloud-based portals: the Helpdesk portal – to view and comment on the status of any current events together with the full-service history of each machine, and the EZ meter portal – which displays the current state of the customers fleet in terms of availability and consumable status in real-time. Any service requests can either be placed by calling our customer services team where your call will be answered within a few rings or can be placed online by accessing the customer portal where all your equipment will be listed for easy identification in logging the call.

Simple Charging

We simply bill you every month for what you have used. The connected system knows exactly how many prints and copies you have produced and is always accurate, there is no room for error. Your invoices will be simple, accurate and timely, without any surprises.

Emergency Printing and Disaster Recovery

If your equipment fails right when you need it the most, we can print your artwork on our machines straight away at your normal contract price, while we send our team to investigate and repair. This way you don’t have to worry about a thing and can go on doing business as usual.

Preventative Care

Most of our Care plan VIP value proposition contracts include scheduled preventative visits for an expert engineer to give your printer a thorough check over, clean and lubricate where necessary and replace any parts that are nearing their expected life. This minimises the chance of troublesome printer failures and as we give the machine a clean and polish at the same time keeps your printer looking pristine.

RIP Support

As a specialist supplier to the creative and media industry, Colyer London understands the importance of accurate colour in a creative environment. We have years of experience in maintaining everything from just good accurate everyday colour through to a calibrated certified Fogra workflow. Colour Management is included in most Care plan contracts and for colour critical environments customers may add a ColourCare contract option.

ColourCare Contract

A ColourCare contract will ensure that your printing equipment with our value proposition, whether inkjet or laser, large format or small, prints at the best possible quality and gives the best possible colour match. A benefit of having colour-managed printers is that the colours between different devices will become much more accurate and consistent. We use Fogra as the standard when setting up your workflow. Fogra is an independent and globally recognised organisation for implementing ISO standards in the graphics industry. Our colour specialists will check and calibrate your machines at regular intervals and make sure that your printer continues to reach the required consistent standard.




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