EX 180 Print Server Powered by Fiery

Get more from your Xerox® Versant® 180 Press with an easy-to-use, powerful, scalable digital front end that delivers outstanding quality and best-in-class performance.

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The powerful EFI™ Fiery® server enables you to handle heavy workloads and provide faster turnaround times. Also available in a super fast PRO version for busy demanding environments, contact us to find out more.


The intuitive interface of Fiery Command WorkStation® makes complex jobs simple to setup and print, regardless of the operator’s experience. Command Workstation can now control Fiery XF as well so you can control all of your large and small format devices from one central location.

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More high-value jobs, faster

The powerful EFI™ Fiery® server enables you to handle heavy workloads and provide faster turnaround times. It enables you to produce short-run jobs profitably by automating manual tasks and increases your workflow flexibility by supporting industry-leading variable data printing (VDP) formats.

Flexible variable data printing (VDP) services Get outstanding colour every time

The Fiery server helps you produce consistent colour out of the box. Fiery® Ultra Smooth Gradients combines 10-bit architecture and special processing to deliver smooth vector gradients that will delight your customers by printing with the true appearance designers intended.

Perfect PDF printing in a pure PDF workflow Speed up Makeready, reduce waste

Fiery Impose simplifies layout work with intuitive, visual document imposition. Speed up production with imposition templates to automate common layouts.

Streamline your operation

Fiery technology allows you to centralise job management by connecting to all Fiery servers on the network. The intuitive interface of Fiery Command WorkStation® makes complex jobs simple to set up and print, regardless of the operator’s experience. The flexible software runs on a Windows® or Mac® client for productive remote job management.

Automate with seamless integration

Fiery JDF technology connects EFI MIS and Web-to-Print solutions to your Fiery Driven™ Xerox® Versant 180 Press so you can move job information through your system faster and more efficiently. The Fiery server also integrates with the Xerox® FreeFlow® Core for workflow automation as well as other leading prepress workflows.

Print perfect PDFs

By supporting the Adobe® PDF Print Engine®, Fiery servers offer a native end-to-end PDF workflow, allowing you to improve the consistency of your printed output from design to print.

More performance and productivity

The Performance Package option from Xerox delivers higher ROI with powerful tools for professional production environments to achieve the highest colour consistency and precision at all times, streamline job preparation and ensure maximum productivity.

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