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That moment when you . . .

  • Shake hands and maintain good eye contact.
  • Don’t spill coffee down your front.
  • Deliver an awesome presentation that knocks it out of the ballpark.

And then you leave.

What’s left? If you were feeling generous you may have brought a gift; personalised, hand-made, wood carved USBs, for example. But at the very least you will have brought printed copies of your slides to serve as a reminder. But what sort of reminder is it?

What do you want the piece that you leave behind to say about you?

It has no voice – it is but a mere print out. Is it just another document destined to perish on the client’s desk before slowly making its way into the recycling box? Or, is it a reminder of an amazing idea, great confidence and startling creativity?

It could be the final piece of the puzzle that seals the deal.

Chances are that you printed out your slides in a bit of a hurry. Your client’s hi-res logo is no match for a low-res printer and the colour accuracy of your slides has taken a big hit.

That’s where we come in.

Xerox printers have the power to transform that lifeless, jaded colour document into a true reminder of the presentation you just gave. A correctly formatted Xerox printer can be a resource that helps close deals by maintaining your vision in full-colour perfection. This time, the piece of you left behind will speak volumes in your absence, shouting “Choose my guy!”.

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