EX C60/C70 Print Server v2.0

Make your Xerox C60/70 even more productive by adding the Xerox EX C60/C70 Print Server v2.0

Because the investment horizon for a new digital printing system is from three to five years, it’s always good to consider both current and future needs of your print environment when deciding on a new digital printing system. EFIoffers two Fiery® server platforms for the Xerox® Colour C60/C70 Printer— the external Xerox EX C60/C70 Print Server version 2.0 and embedded Xerox EX-i C60/C70 Print Server version 2.0

These two server platforms vary by the level of PDF processing controls, automation, productivity, workflow integration and expandability they offer.

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To maximise your engine capacity, you need a high-powered digital front end to process and drive data fast enough to minimise engine idle time.


The EX C60/C70 Print Server features the new Fiery NX Pro hardware. And includes Fiery QuickTouch software on the touchscreen display, which gives faster views of job status information and access to server management.


Xerox EX-i C60/C70 Print Server V2.0

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More About EX C60/C70 Print Server v2.0

Faster turnaround times

To maximise your engine capacity, you need a high-powered digital front end to process and drive data fast enough to minimise engine idle time. More robust and powerful hardware specifications make the Xerox EX C60/C70 Print Server twice as fast compared to the Xerox EX-i C60/C70 Print Server, making it the best choice for production environments.

  • Paper
  • Light cardboard
  • Magnets
  • Linen
  • Stickers
  • Carbon transfers

Flexible variable data printing (VDP) services

The robust, open, flexible, and scalable Fiery solution supports all leading VDP formats including PDF-VT, Creo VPS, PPML, and Xerox VIPP and works with all leading VDP composition software and formats for seamless workflows. The faster processing speed also makes offering VDP services more profitable.

Perfect PDF printing in a pure PDF workflow

Fiery external servers include the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) interpreter for end-to-end native PDF workflows. This allows consistency and flexibility from design to output in hybrid digital and o set print environments, and also ensures correct representation of colour spaces and transparencies.

Inline tab separations

Create and insert tab sheets directly into documents with Fiery Command WorkStation by entering the text for each tab and specifying the location of the tab at the last possible stage in the print submission process.

A way to offer pad printing

With external Fiery servers, operators can print pads with ease from a single-page job, and with minimal manual collation of the printed output.

Integration with transactional printing workflows

The Fiery external server can adapt to legacy transactional printing workflows with features such as Set Page Device to define media pulls and map the output destination, and Sequential Print to ensure the order of the final output is correct.

Windows 8.1 Pro OS flexibility

Fiery external servers comply with the latest corporate IT standards and provides more efficient administration and implementation of security patches. You can also easily implement standard industry practices such as running anti-virus software.