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Colyer London is a single port of call for business solutions

Precise, colour-perfect printers, graphic supplies; and office products that support and inspire minds in London. With a team of 35, Colyer offers a combination of personal service, insights and expertise to our customers, transforming their thinking and ideas from the concept stage to an accurate, high-colour, perfectly printed reality.

Office Supplies – Small business of the Year – As partners of a printing company, Colyer Phillips, we could end up producing a great deal of marketing material, hoardings, point of sale, etc, which are designed for limited use and then discarded.  This modus operandi was not acceptable to our staff and so we laid out our own “Self-environmental claims & environmental management policy”, engineered to permeate every level of our business processes with green best practice.

What makes Colyer’s products and services green?  Firstly, our commitment to ensuring best practice across the board in our daily routine.  We make sure that our materials are easy to recycle on the client-side, use recycled paper and substrates whenever possible, re-use paper for notepads, and recycle toners, batteries and ink cartridges and promote our Initiative range of environmentally friendly office products through our catalogue and webshop.

This year we have become the sole supplier of Stormboard, an original new hoarding material. Unique to the industry, this hoarding lasts several years, is 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials hardened to put up with adverse weather conditions. Stormboard was a winner of the M&S Innovation of the Year award 2017.

The jewel in our crown,

However, has been the roll-out of our beautiful new “zero-emission” delivery vans. A visually impactful message to the community of London that we won’t stand for polluting our air. Added to this, our own engineers save time, parking fees and the congestion charge by using public transport to get to their appointments.

Since the introduction of our electric delivery vans, we have prevented the release of 3.9 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 102 tree seedlings over 10 years or 442 gallons of petrol consumed.

As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has made it into board meetings of most enterprises around town, it is fair to say that it is not just Colyer’s that feel the need to turn green, but our customers too.  Purchasing departments are starting to source ecologically focused partners to prove commitment to their CSR programmes. To this end, Colyer’s is actively working with its customers to review their business processes and purchasing, making recommendations to promote a greater percentage of recycled materials in the printing jobs they place, and the supplies they consume, consequently generating less waste.

However, you are only ever as good as your most recent audit. We believe in being tough on ourselves and pushing each year forward to be the best and greenest that we can be.  Our 2017 ISO14001 environmental audit will push us further to offer an even better level of quality, durability and sustainability through our products and processes for the benefit of our clients, our staff and the world around us.  We are also investigating switching to a 100% renewable energy source. Watch this space!

What makes for a successful “green” strategy? 

We have seen that what makes a company ecologically sound is a well-thought-out strategy, designed collectively and implemented on all levels, from the shop floor to Transport and all those in between.  Hiring like-minded people and getting employee buy-in is the first foot in the door to deploying a truly environmentally sound strategy.

Footnote – Since 2011, Colyer’s has been ISO14001 environmental standard compliant.  We also follow WEEE recycling regulations (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

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