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An Enterprise-Class Phone System Without the High Price Tag

Kerio Operator is a standards-based VIP system that replaces the traditional and often complex PBX. Designed for small and mid-sized businesses, it reduces operating costs and simplifies administration while offering your users powerful enterprise-class capabilities.

  • Easy fast administration from the desktop or a tablet with Kerio Operator’s intuitive web-based interface
  • Protect your phone system from hacking, malicious attacks and abuse by users with advanced security features
  • Lower operating expenses significantly through reduced management overhead
  • Rapid, simple deployment in any IT environment through hardware, software and virtual options
  • Enterprise-class functionality including auto attendant, call queues conference calling, call forwarding, parking, pickup, recording and more

Set-Up and Manage Your Phone System Quickly and Easily

  • Configure Kerio Operator from your desktop—or a tablet—with the simple and intuitive web-based management console
  • Remotely monitor the Kerio Operator server with SNMP to retrieve detailed utilisation and performance statistics
  • Automatically configure a wide variety of phone brands and models on the network with auto-provisioning and DHCP services
  • Schedule automatic server backups of configuration files, system and call history logs, voicemail and recorded call data and provisioning files to an FTP server or Samepage, Kerio’s cloud-based collaboration solution

Protect Your Phone System with Uncompromising Security

  • Repel phone system hackers, prevent misuse and ensure the privacy of your users with advanced security technologies such as call encryption
  • Protect against password guessing, detect anomalous behaviour and prevent break-in attempts through continuous monitoring
  • Ensure that system services are restricted to trusted devices inside the network through a built-in firewall

Enjoy Substantially Reduced Operating Costs

  • Administer your phone system easily without requiring specialised—and often expensive—phone technicians
  • Reduce management overhead dramatically with the Kerio Operator interface and rapid system setup
  • Lower your monthly expenses by leveraging the inherent low cost of VoIP and IP-based telephone

Administer Quickly and Easily—Anytime, Anywhere

  • Avoid the headaches caused by conflicting applications and vulnerable system services by deploying the Kerio Operator software appliance – a bare-metal installation on the hardware of your choice
  • Integrate the Kerio Operator virtual appliance, pre-configured with Kerio Operator software and a hardened OS, into your VMware environment and share the same hardware as other applications
  • Leverage Kerio Operator’s product features with the Kerio Operator Box, a stable, solid-state appliance that is pre-configured with Kerio Operator software and a hardened OS

Streamline Your End Users’ Work Lives

  • Allow users to make and receive office calls on their Apple iOS or Android mobile devices using the Kerio Operator Softphone mobile app or any other SIP-based VoIP device
  • Enable users to make calls from within and to connect to desktop dialers like Outcall with minimal configuration
  • Provide in-demand features including automatic voice-to-email, call forwarding, pickup and parking, conference calling, paging, fax support and more
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