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What is a Pandemic?

In the UK, flu is a common infection particularly in the winter months. The illness, caused by the flu virus, can be mild or serious and may lead to death, sometimes. Generally, some groups of people are more susceptible to the complications of flu than others, especially older people and people of any age with certain medical conditions.

This is why seasonal flu vaccine is recommended annually for these groups of people. The pandemic is a global disease. Pandemic flu is different from seasonal flu as it happens when a new flu virus develops in the human population of which most people are susceptible, and which can quickly spread from person to person globally- countries would be affected. This would result in many more people being seriously ill and possibly many more deaths than seasonal flu may cause.

History of a Pandemic

November 1918, Armistice day. People celebrated after four long years of fighting – the first world war was over. But out of the darkness of war emerges another terror, a lethal virus that consumes the world. More than 50 million people were killed by the Spanish flu pandemic, killing 10 times more than the ones who died fighting. There was a moderate spring wave that had reached through during the autumn season. Patient zero was considered to be a cook server for the soldiers during March 1918. Some soldiers would then get Spanish flu, and the virus would gradually mutate and spread through various parts of the world. April 1918, the Influenza virus affected 20 million people.

There have been 4 influenza pandemics since the Spanish flu, but none have been as devastating as the pandemic of 1918. Survivors also commented that the worst thing about the crisis is that it came too fast. Much like the COVID-19 virus, citizens were wearing face masks and all congregations and social gatherings were prohibited. Schools, stores, churches, theatres etc were closed and coffins were piled high. Researchers claimed the Spanish flu did not originate in Europe, but was instead born and began in Kansas, U.S.A. The Spanish flu was killing those in age group 18 – 45. There are a number of other reasons why the proportion of young adults who died was higher than average. A case in point, the older population had partial immunity from the Russian flu pandemic of 1889.

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How can you plan for the financial implications of a flu outbreak?

Discover the potential effects on corporate financials of a major flu outbreak utilising several hypothetical scenarios that involve specific product lines and/or manufacturing sites.

Design and prepare situations that are likely to lead to increased or decreased demand for your goods and/or services during an epidemic (e.g., impact of limiting mass meetings, need for hygiene supplies).

Determine possible effects on domestic and foreign business-related travel (e.g. quarantines, border closures).

What should you do to protect yourself from a pandemic flu?

  • When coughing and/or sneezing, you should use a tissue to cover your nose and ears, then dispose of the tissue promptly and then wash your hands.
  • For household waste, tissues should be disposed of-they do not need any special car
  • You should not reuse tissues or use handkerchiefs. This practise carries a risk of contaminating handbags or pockets that can then re-contaminate hands if they go through such pockets or handbags.
  • You should frequently clean your hands, especially after coughing, sneezing and using tissues. Soap and water are perfectly effective cleaning methods for hand. An anti-bacterial hand sanitiser should NOT be your main alternative as it is not as effective.
  • You should avoid mouth, eyes and/or nose contact, unless you clean your hands recently.
  • Standard household detergent and water can be used to clean often hand touched surfaces.

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