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We expect a lot from the printers we supply and service for our clients

5 reasons why we advocate the Xerox range.

At Colyer London, we stake our reputation on providing quality printers for London creative agencies and businesses. We work with the best printer manufacturers whose values were in line with ours. 15 years ago, we started working with Xerox for the simple reason that they build lasting, robust machines, innovate in their field and have a strong approach to the environment and sustainability. In short, they aim to be the best that they can be.

1. Quality

An overriding concern for any self-respecting creative is that what comes off the printer must live up to what they see on the screen. Whether black & white or in colour, the quality of the print must live up to this basic test or we will see distress and devastation across the industry. In testing the quality of the copiers we supply, we looked for the sharpness of image, colour accuracy and regularity in printing high volumes of complex graphics and text. Given that our printer engineers team are FOGRA certified, we know what to look for in colour perfect printing.

Measured in 3 simple ways, we love Xerox printers for their colour accuracy, low maintenance and ease of use. Couple this with their ability to handle a significant volume of print runs day after day and value-added features designed to make life easy, it’s a no brainer to understand why we rate them so highly. Did we mention the speed of print? The Xerox C60 offers up to 60-70 ppm for colour printing with a high-resolution of 2400×2400 DPI. There’s nothing like a high DPI for some impactful, colour printing.

2. Endurance

We offer a maintenance service for the printers we install and are well placed to know which ones require more attention and which stand the test of time. A key selling point to any business is that of endurance. The machines that require a minimum of human input in terms of changing ink cartridges, sorting out snagged paper and calls to the service centre are the ones that pass the test. Xerox offers well-built machines that can handle the significant daily print volume. In fact, they ask for nothing less.

3. Reliability

Although we are up to date, we rarely get to test our skills against a broken down Xerox as they are built for the long haul. Xerox printers are a good investment if a reliable and robust machine is what you are looking for.

4. Feature Rich

We don’t know about you, but we love a good feature. So much more than just printing and copying documents, the modern printer can translate your documents into many different languages, and save your documents to specific files on the server/site. Not only that, but Xerox copiers can also print into specific formats such as staple-bound books, ring-bound books, magnets, stickers, door hangings, small POS, and barcoded tickets as well as accept a range of textured paper and card, thus creating beautiful documents beyond the standard office A4 print out.

5. Efficiency

Nobody likes waste but we do like printers that offer an economical use of ink and double-sided printing. We like:

  • Hibernation functions that use lower electricity when not in use
  • Getting it right on the first go so as to not waste time and commodities on trial runs
  • Printers where the cost of replacement of ink or toner won’t send us to the pawnbroker

Product features: A few machines that we wholeheartedly recommend

From the family of high-volume printers, the Altalink is a great office printer. Designed for medium to large workgroups, it offers a single-pass duplex scanner, the flexibility to work global and print local, high levels of security with 256-bit hard drive encryption and it is the first MFP to be certified Common Criteria for security. Finally, boasting fast booting speeds, you’ll hardly have time to go for a coffee before it is ready for action.

It can be your “all-in-one” solution that flexibly meets the demands of professionals while offering a multitude of functions for the efficiency and versatility of your office work environment. While offering functions such as density uniformity/alignment adjustments and colour calibration, its variety of finishing options and efficiency-boosting workflows will keep jobs moving with less wasted time and materials. To cater your office work needs, this versatile printer also allows you to print, copy and scan – including automatic sending of scanned data to your PC or sending by e-mail or printing from USB. It can even print from virtually any smartphone or tablet.

The ultimate choice for a studio & production printer, the Versant brings with it fully automated colour and production print optimization, including an ultra HD 10-bit resolution with 4 x more pixels than a standard printer. This is the baby you need for serious graphics creation.

As such, we only work with partners that like to do their bit too, and Xerox certainly fits the bill. They have put in place company-wide initiatives to be as eco-friendly as possible. These include reducing their carbon footprint, recycling paper and using recycled paper, clean manufacturing processes to support clean air and water, minimizing the use of harmful chemicals and implementing health and safety programs for staff. Xerox, we salute you.

Key points to look for in a printer:

  • Cost and energy efficiency
  • High-quality
  • Colour accuracy
  • High speed
  • High volume
  • Low maintenance
  • Enabling flexibility for staff
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Feature-rich – scan to file, finishing options, media options, translation etc.
  • Long-lasting
  • CSR
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