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Think Pink, Think Colyer London, Think Sustainability

Coming back to the office? Don’t forget to recycle!

Colyer London is doing a lot more to ensure that our carbon footprint in London is as small as possible. We drive our electric delivery vans, recycling programmes, are FSC-certified, and provide environmentally friendly office supplies. We understand that expecting every business in London to be completely green is unrealistic, but we know that every business can do something to minimise their carbon footprint – even if it’s just using our recycled-bottled pens, disposing your face masks properly, or saving the planet!

What can you do in London to become more sustainable and minimise your carbon footprint?

  1. First and foremost, take part in our eco-assessment – Our specialists at Colyer London will assist you in determining how sustainable, and environmentally friendly your firm is presently, as well as advising you on how to improve.


  1. Recycle everything that you can – Don’t just set up recycling containers in the kitchen and another common area, ensure that your staff are using them. Make sure there are signs near your recycling bins that explain what can and cannot be recycled. Colyer London can assist you in recycling your toners, drums, and other print consumables. More information can be found here.


  1. You-Print, you plant a tree! – We are partnered with Print Releaf, a green organisation that plants one tree for every 8,333 pages you print. We recommend our Xerox Altalink and Versalink printers that are eco-friendly. These powerful machines use multi-functional devices that use ConnectKey smart technology to boost efficiency and productivity.


  1. Make use of our environmentally friendly supplies – We offer a variety of recycled and eco-friendly items to help you make your office more environmentally friendly. Our electric vans can also deliver! Browse through sustainable supplies at our online webshop.


  1. Make an investment in plants – Plants in the office help to filter pollutants from the air and bring colour to your desk. Allow your colleagues to relax, avoid a stuffy environment, and ensure your team are comfortable.


  1. Form a green team within your organisation – Be more motivated to contribute to the development of green projects if your organisation has a dedicated sustainability team. When you volunteer, it aids in the development of your mental health to feel the positivity of helping others.


  1. Instead of throwaway products, use reusable dishware and utensils – Plastic knives and forks must be avoided! Half of all plastic is used only once before being discarded — this waste accumulates up in landfills and can harm marine life, and single-use plastic utensils account for a significant percentage of this.


  1. Make use of a dishwasher – According to studies, using a dishwasher saves water compared to hand-washing dishware and cutlery. Purchase a dishwasher and only use it when it is completely full. Your co-workers will love this new addition to the workplace kitchen!


  1. Purchase in bulk – Sugar, coffee, and tea in single-serving sachets may appear more convenient but buying these things in bulk saves money and eliminates waste. Colyer London has all the catering supplies you’ll need at the office. Whether you’re hosting an event or need to restock your office kitchen, our professional account managers can walk you through our order process.


  1. Commute in a more environmentally friendly manner. It is possible to help the environment by commuting less frequently or using a different and greener form of transportation. The environment will be better conserved without the additional fuel emissions.


  1. Acquire our printers and save money on energy – Before purchasing new equipment, look for energy-saving certifications, and if your current equipment has energy-saving options, make sure they are turned on! Did you know that Xerox and HP both meet (and exceed) product environmental performance certification requirements? Energy Star and EPEAT ecolabels are among these certifications.


  1. Invest in energy-efficient lighting and use the sun! – Artificial lighting consumes 40% of the electricity consumed in a typical office. Turning off lights in rooms and corridors that aren’t in use can help you save 15% on energy consumption and lower your bills— motion-activated switches can also help! Employee happiness equals increased productivity and motivation.


  1. Reduce the amount of tiny, inefficient orders – Reduce packaging and transportation emissions. Colyer London delivers ethically thought-out products and services, such as office and studio supplies, colour-accurate printers, and application software support, to creatives and professionals.

Be efficient, and think sustainability

Implementing just a couple of these simple improvements in your office can have a significant impact and boost your company’s long-term viability. Remember, you’re not expected to be perfect, but what do you believe the impact would be on our environment if every company in London implemented only one or two of these changes?

Find out more about our sustainable xerox products today. Talk to our experts now at Colyer London.

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