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Colyer CarePlan Epson-LF is designed specifically to provide professional quality services on Epson Large Format Printers and Rips. Colyer London is an Epson Authorised Service Provider, our engineers are fully trained by Epson and we only fit Epson original parts and consumables.

Scope and Cover

An Epson-LF contract is Break/Fix cover for Epson large format printers. If your printer breaks down or needs attention we will respond and be on-site within the agreed time based on the specified service level agreement. All call-out and labour charges are included, the only additional costs would be for any parts required which are generally relatively low cost.

Preventative Maintenance Visits

At the beginning of the contract and every 6 months thereafter we give your printer
a thorough inspection. We will check the printer hardware, look at the logs stored on the printer for any problems and run diagnostic routines to keep the printer in the best condition, clean, lubricated and we will make necessary adjustments. This also includes loading any firmware or software updates for the printer.

Remote Monitoring and Automated Ink Supplies

The Colyer London EZMeter system is always monitoring your machine and will send us alerts when your machine needs attention. The system also monitors all the ink levels and alerts us to send you a new cartridge so that you have it before the cartridge runs out. There is no need for you to keep stock as we will send you a replacement in plenty of time before you need it.

CarePlan Epson-LF is available on the following Epson Printers (Pricing from £49 per month)

  • E-LF M Range Stylus Pro 4800, 4880, 4900, 4990 Series
  • E-LF XL Range Stylus Pro 7800, 7880, 7900, 7890, P6000, P7000 Series
  • E-LF XXL Range Stylus Pro 9800, 9880, 9900, 9890, P8000, P9000 Series


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