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A Colour Care contract will ensure that your printers (inkjet or laser, large format or small), print at the best possible quality and give you the highest accuracy of colour output.

Colour Specialists

A huge benefit of having colour-managed printers is that the colours between different devices are much more consistent. Our colour specialists will check and calibrate your machines at regular intervals ensuring your printers continue to deliver your high standards. Another benefit of having regularly calibrated machines is an improvement in sharpness and detail.

We use Fogra as the standard when setting up your workflow. Fogra is an independent and globally recognised organisation for implementing ISO standards in the graphics industry. Therefore by adding an UGRA-Fogra test wedge to your prints you are able to verify quickly and confidently that the colour is correct.

ISO Standards

By setting up your colour workflow correctly, different paper stocks will produce matching results and will match ISO standards for the ultimate finished product. This means that your customer is able to visualise how the final product will look all the way through the design process.

Whether you just want better colour care from your printers or an accurate Fogra-calibrated workflow, a Colour Care contract with us will ensure that the outputs from your own machines are as accurate and consistent as they can possibly be.



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