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What is Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Managed Print Services; As part of a comprehensive MPS, Colyer London looks at your current print set-up, to analyse and understand your print usage. We provide, manage and maintain your printers, evaluate and secure your document output, as well as automate the delivery of supplies so you are never without. To cap it all off, we also provide 24/7 support, either remotely or in-house.

The beauty of a Managed Print service is that you have no liability or responsibility for the machines you use. They belong to us, along with any difficulties or issues that may arise. This type of partnership gives you peace of mind in that you are successfully delegating an important section of your business to an expert in print optimisation and management. It also ensures that your monthly payments are consistent and manageable – no nasty surprises along the way.

Advantages of MPS:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased waste
  • Improved document security
  • Optimised costs and better environmental footprint

Follow me mobile printing

At Colyer London, we use Equitrac to keep you at the top of your print game. Equitrac is an intelligent print management solution for advanced document cost control. Integrated into your fleet of printers, it is able to track, analyse, bill-back, control usage and monitor, measure and manage printing costs. In essence, it runs a tight ship for all Managed Print Services.

Mobile printing is the ability to print to any networked or web-enabled printer from any device. This gives users the flexibility to print on the run while maintaining the security and integrity of their documents. Either app-based or through a cloud solution, the user uses the local Wi-Fi to send their document to the printer. Useful when the time doesn’t allow us to nip back to the office to collect the document sitting in the output tray or when an email hand-out just doesn’t cut the mustard.

A true mobile printing solution will offer you remote file access, printing and scan to print solutions, as well as a secure way of recovering your documents through a specific release function when ready to collect at the printer’s mouth.

For all this and more, Colyer’s Managed Print Services team is ready for your call. We’ll “Follow You” anywhere, as will our printing expertise. Get in touch now for a free appraisal on your printer use and analysis on how working with us will affect your bottom line.

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