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HP Designjet Z9 & PostScript Printer series

Professional photo prints, fast and simple. More quality with fewer inks

The HP Latex large format printer, with an embedded spectrophotometer, therefore includes HP technology features that help you operate with ease and printer with excellent colour accuracy and consistency.

AMAZING – Deliver high quality with confidence

  • Impress the most demanding customers with smooth transitions and sharp details thanks to HP Pixel Control.
  • No need for light inks using new high-definition HP printheads with dual drop technology.
  • Achieve expanded gamut with RGB HP Vivid Photo Inks and the embedded spectrophotometer.
  • Get superior gloss uniformity by upgrading your printer to include HP Gloss Enhancer.

FAST – Work without delays

  • Cut post-processing labour time up to 20% with the first printer to include an integrated vertical trimmer.
  • Print up to 2.5 times faster1 without losing quality, with 2400 nozzle-per-inch high-definition printheads.
  • Spend less time on media changes and adjustments with dual roll support and automatic roll switching.

SIMPLE – New tools for you and your customers

  • Easily design applications from posters to banners and canvas with the HP Applications Center.3
  • No disruption to your workflow, keep using your current RIPs, validated with HP RIP certification program.6
  • Get remote visibility and control to better manage your print production environment with HP PrintOS.
  • Enjoy one-click printing that also helps reduce media waste using HP Click printing software.7



HP Designjet Z6 PostScript Printer series

High-definition prints, fast and secure. More quality with fewer inks


PRECISE – Clearly distinguish subtle details

  • Read details more clearly and see high-contrast colour with new high-definition HP printheads.
  • No need for light inks with HP’s dual drop technology.
  • Get smooth gradients, even for challenging colour combinations, with HP Pixel Control.
  • Work with water- and fade-resistant prints, indoors and out, with HP Vivid Photo Inks.

FAST – Work without delays

  • Handle even the most complex files with powerful processing architecture and the Adobe PDF Print Engine.
  • Cut maps to different sizes in fewer steps with the first printer including an integrated vertical trimmer.
  • Print up to 20% faster4 with 2400 nozzle-per-inch, high-definition HP printheads.
  • Spend less time on media changes and adjustments with dual roll support and automatic roll switching.

SECURE – Protect your work and your information

  • Protect printers/data from unauthorised access with HP Secure Boot, whitelisting, and encrypted the hard disk.
  • Protect documents, preserve the confidentiality with authentication solutions like PIN printing, card readers.
  • Secure your printers with HP JetAdvantage Security Manager; manage your fleet remotely with HP Web Jetadmin.



HP Latex printer – Fastest heavy-duty photo

Offer the shortest turnaround times

Significantly boost productivity with this high-performance HP photo printer. Meet client demands for fast turnarounds with print speeds up to 140 square meters per hour. And see the highest quality results at fast speeds.

  • Turn around orders in record time with this – the fastest printer in its class
  • Print and handle high-quality photo images without losing time
  • Work more productively and comfortably with automated media loading and an ergonomic loading table
  • Maintain high productivity, respond quickly, and optimize your print quality with HP printing materials

Offer top photo quality and maximize your offering

Offer more, all the way up to top photo-quality – like impressive backlit signs and POP displays and exceptionally fade-resistant prints. With chromatic res, HP vivid photo inks create with colour gamut with vibrant colour and deep, rich black ink.

  • Differentiate, expand – with HP vivid photo inks, your versatile offering includes top photo-quality prints
  • Take on tough photo printing challenges with the colour gamut enabled by chromatic red ink and uniform gloss.
  • Bring in new print jobs offering remarkable back and white image quality and impressive backlits
  • Produce new applications – this printer makes it easier to tile images together

Rely on HP technology, see precise colour accuracy

Stop hoping for the right colours and start printing them accurately every time, this printer, with an embedded spectrophotometer, includes HP technology features that help you operate with ease and printer wit excellent colour accuracy and consistency.

  • Count on print to print colour accuracy on different substrates
  • Assume greater control over the final printer with HP Professional PANTONE Emulation
  • Reliable operation – optional Postscript / PDF upgrade kit ensures compatibility
  • Safely replace your old equipment with printer emulation functionality
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