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Latex printers inks hold their colour for around 200 years

so that should just about cover the duration of your campaign. Latex printers are better for creative businesses.  As every printing house knows, the issue of ventilation and the drying time for malodorous solvent inks leads to nasty headaches for colleagues and plenty of downtime between jobs.  With latex inks, you can work around the clock, and benefit from a serious reduction in the annual Neurofen budget.

Versatility is another key advantage. Latex inks can print on a greater range of surfaces which means a greater range of product diversity: Removable stickers, car wraps, wedding dresses, vinyl stickers, pop up stands, exhibitions and even personalized printing for your household memories.

Interior design used to be the province of the well to do, but thanks to reality TV shows and house make-overs, it has become popular with a wider audience. Latex products for the home include removable wallpaper, upholstery, window treatments, flooring, kitchen splashbacks, and even the ability to immortalize Rover the dog on your shower curtain, should you be so inclined. Being inexpensive and easy to remove, you no longer have to wait out any errors of design or boredom with certain fabrics.

Latex printing gives you the flexibility to change your mind. Latex inks are temperature hardy – they don’t mind the cold and are perfectly happy in the heat, with no fading over time.

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