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Set up shop in your basement with a wide format printer

Are you stuck in a boring job looking for inspiration of a bedroom business you could run in the comfort of your own home? We have an idea for you. Think not what you could do for a wide format printer, but what a wide format printer could do for you!

  • Are you a school putting on theatre productions on a budget?
  • Are you a church keen to catch the eye of passers-by and grow your community?
  • Maybe you are a home decorator with a love for adhesive stickers that personalise homes?

Perhaps you are an architect, fed up with running up hundreds of pounds of expenses on printing off blueprints every time you pitch for a job, with no guarantee of a return on your investment. Every retailer knows; large outdoor print remains one of the best ways of getting your message across. The bigger the advert, the better the deal! At the same time, the wide format printer is a hugely underestimated piece of equipment that can make a massive impact in the local community. Printing off flyers or banners for the village fete couldn’t be easier, not to mention massive back-drops for the local Am-Dram society. Wide-format printers, especially refurbished ones, are coming down in price, making what used to be seen as specialist equipment available for the cottage industry.

8 reasons you might like to invest:

  • You print regularly onto outsized supports – shower curtains, adhesive stickers
  • You run offsets of blueprints when pitching for jobs
  • You spend a lot of time heading to your local print shop
  • There is a high cost of error if you make a mistake
  • The low cost of wide-format printers makes it possible to have one in your own home
  • Trial and error – You can afford to make mistakes in the safety of your own home
  • A wide format printer gives you greater flexibility with more functionality

There are many uses for a wide format printer: banners, posters, trade show graphics, wallpaper, murals, backlit film, vehicle image wraps, electronic circuit schematics, architectural drawings, construction plans, backdrops for theatrical and media sets, and any other large format artwork or signage. Certain professions have a greater need than others, such as architects and interior designers. At the same time, pretty much every industry needs a little large format printing every now and again. Add a wide format printer to your armoury and widen the scope of your business.

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