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Make your home office with a Xerox printer more effective

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Most of us had small inkjet printers at home before the pandemic but because our printing was sporadic we managed to get by with slow printing, single-page scanning and paying a small fortune for ink cartridges.

As many employees are now working out of their homes full time, the need arises to enhance their home offices with the same equipment they used in the workplace. The fact that your workers are operating from their homes does not alter the fact that to keep your company going smoothly, they need to print, copy, scan, and fax.

So what is the best available home office printer to keep the workers active while they operate remotely?

Full Home Service and Support

Despite the printer being sited at the employees home, full service and support is provided by a toner inclusive Pagepack contract which includes all parts, labour and consumables.

Inclusive automated central billing

In comparison to expensive inkjet printers, the Versalink is extremely economical. All your home-based printers are automatically centrally billed on one invoice to head office without any intervention from the home users.

Benefits of having a Xerox printer in your home

  • Reliability and ease of use: Our home office printers are configured for the user to be conveniently set up and managed, without the need for IT participation.
  • Value: In order to minimise the overall cost of ownership, many of our home office printers provide high-capacity print cartridges.
  • Wi-Fi Capabilities: Most Xerox home laser printers are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, so you can print from any computer on your home network without having to worry about cables.
  • Double-Sided Printing: Particularly when you print large amounts at a time, paper can be costly. That is why many of our home office printers print on both sides of the paper automatically, saving you cash and improving the climate.
  • Multifunctional: While some of our home laser printers are for printing only, others are Multifunction Printers (MFPs) that can be used for printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and email.

As printing at home is becoming an issue Colyer London has developed two programmes to enable staff to be as productive at home as they are in the office.

Now we are all working more and more from home many of us are struggling with printing and scanning and we really need something more like the machines that we use when we are in the office. The old small home printer is just so unproductive and expensive to run.

Managed Home Print Service for Home

Option 1

Funded by the employer for the employee.

Option 2

Managed by the employer but paid by the employee by a tax efficient salary sacrifice scheme.

Either option works in the same way; the employee gets a fully functional multi-functional device giving similar scanning and printing capabilities as in the office.

The Xerox Versalink C405 is a fully functional easy to use 35 page a minute high quality colour printer with scanner and automatic document feeder that scans at up to 40 pages per minute. The device users Xerox dry toner so there will be no mishaps with dirty inkjet cartridges or wet ink.

The printer is monitored by the Xerox service system and when consumables run low a replacement will arrive before you know that you needed it. Likewise, in the rare event the machine develops a fault it will self-report and create an alert on the Xerox service system automatically triggering a response from a technical support executive.

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